Friday, April 18, 2008


Several weeks ago a project was begun.
In January, my blog friend Kathy Bell, asked me if I thought Kayla would benefit from recieving 1000 origami cranes. There is an ancient Japanese legend that if you fold 1000 paper cranes, you will get your wish or miracle.
Kathy coordinated a similar project last year for our dear friend Ellen Crush, once her cancer seemed to be unrelenting. Ellen recieved those cranes, folded by Bloggers all over the world who had come to know Ellen through her blog. When Ellen recieved those cranes she was absolutely overcome by the love and time that her friends had put into this project for her. Recieving them had made such a difference to Ellen and brought her such great joy in her last days. I will never forget how good it felt to be part of that gift.
When Kathy suggested the cranes for Kayla, in January, I thought it was not going to be necessary for Kayla to need the miracle which the 1000 cranes would entail. At that time, Kayla seemed to be doing so very well, I fully believed she was beating the cancer. Sadly, I was wrong and as most of you know, her condition has changed , none for the better.
So a few weeks ago, I got back in touch will Kathy and said "Lets do it. Kayla needs a miracle now". Keeping the cranes a surprise was important, so I did not announce the project on my blog. Instead, I sent out emails to as many people as I could contact.
Well, you guys responded in a most unbelievable way. I recieved more than a thousand cranes! And they are still arriving.!!!! Not only did people make cranes especially for Kayla, which was incredible to see. But also, Curtis Crush, Ellens husband, sent out Ellens 1000 cranes to double the effect. I am overwhelmed by the love and support of everyone who helped. You guys are incredible! I love you all so much for all your help in this. I beaded the names of everyone who participated onto a long neclace for Kayla to wear around her neck like a hug.
Kaylas Great Aunt Valerie, Keith and myself, walked into the hospital with armfuls of cranes, amidst ohhs and ahhs and lots of curious looks. We hadn't told Kayla's mom about it either. We just told her we had a big surprise and to meet us in Kaylas room. When we walked in her room with this beautiful presentation, Kayla was dumbstruck. She just didnt know what to say. But the smile on her face said it all. I explained that her family, friends and Bloggers from around the world had pitched in. That so many people loved her and where praying and rooting for her. She just couldn't believe that that many people cared enough about her to do something like this. All the nurses came in and shared in the wonder. There was such a positive energy in that room just then. We could feel the miracle of the cranes starting to work. Even if that miracle was to let a little girl know she is so dearly thought of, and to bring some small bit of joy into a very sad time.
Here are Keith and Great Aunty Valerie with some of the cranes hanging in the window. Aunty made 300! Keith is wearing the beads.
My children, Kayla's cousins did alot. Folding these cranes was theraputic for us as a family.
We sat around the table in our pajamas one weekend and just folded for hours.

At one point they put cranes in my hair and pretended they were attacking me, so we had some fun and healing for ourselves also.

A huge thank you to each of you for taking part. You will never know what this has meant to Kayla, my Family and myself. I hope that your involvement in Kayla's Crane project gave you a good feeling.


curious servant said...

That is amazing.

I dropped by because I noticed some traffic to my blog from here.

I'm not sure you and I have "met". Have you left any comments on my blog?

Is there another name I might know you by?

As you know, that blog has been a place of release for me.

I wonder what someone might think of me who stumbled across that strange little corner of the internet.

canuckabilly said...

Such a big smile on Kayla's face. That is all I could ask for.

Bobbie said...

I hope that every prayer that is folded into each crane, is answered. The smile on Kayla's face is so wonderful. No one deserves a miracle more than her.

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to help with the project but I always have Kayla and her whole family in my prayers.

Dina said...

Kayla has such a wonderful smile. I really pray and hope that this legend becomes a true reality as I think this girl deserves it.

It is so true when you say that making cranes is therapeutic. It happened to us to!!

Herman Verbrugge said...

When I saw that wonderful smile on her face I felt something in my eyes. She's a wonderful young woman. That's all I can say.♠

chosha said...

The 1000 cranes project is a lovely idea. People are spending all that time thinking of you, wishing you well, and doing something specific designed to give you hope. I don't think that much good feeling directed at one person's need is ever a wasted effort.

Dick said...

I didn't know about the project so didn't participate but it looks like it was a great success. They are beautiful as is Kaylas response in the photo.

Michael Manning said...

Hello Kayla! Sorry I've been a bot absent. The colors are very cool on the Cranes! I am praying for you big time. Smile and (((HUGS)))!

Louisiana said...

susan, i had a million back logged emails and it has taken me too long to get through them. i saw your name in one and the project is done but the caring and wishes are never finished..sorry i missed it.

i got to tell you that the last 24 hrs my brain and heart have been overwhelmed with thoughts of Kayla. so much so that i was frankly afraid to come to your blog. i was asleep already tonight and i woke up exactly at 1 am and the tv was o n channel 15, it was 'pleasant street': 2 beautiful cancer patients roads. the lady Leyla had the 1000 cranes done for and they surprised her with them decorating her apartment. with the tick tack of time, 2 o'clock came and the end of the program and i had, had to come and here i am. i was afraid to be here, i know cancer, i know fear i know loss, i know we all know of it, you and me and all. i'm sorry beautiful K is going through this and i'm sorry for not even able to get you a cup of tea.
my thoughts and prayers and wishes are with her and you and the family. these are not just words, they are meant and are real and i don't lie.
many reasons are keeping me from blogging, my kids need me, it is time that healing finally settles into our home but regardless of my blogging i can honestly say that not one day do i not think of you, and wish health for K and even how much peace your dad's pics have always brought me.

your mom's bday i missed but pls pass a hug from us wishing her God's Blessings in her new year.

and please don't ever, ever again feel the need to explain or justify how Kayla is much the topic of all your posts for it is a gift to have family love and commitment as you have for her. what you all have within your veins is what most of us pray for and it is the love we admire in all of you.

the posts are all beautifully sad.

i have nothing more to give than my heart and my thoughts and that you all have. i have learned in my own way that there is no more precious gift than that. love changes the world and is the greatest of gifts. give mine and ours to Kayla, to you, to yours.


Skunkfeathers said...

I wasn't an active participant in the cranes, but I do keep a daily best wish going out to Kayla. Her smile for the cranes is a beacon of positive energy, indeed.

Hang tough, sweet Kayla.

Anonymous said...