Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Island Hopping

Yesterday Keith and I went to Bowen Island. I was really looking forward to this. First of all, it seems like ages since we we've been out, just the two of us. Call it a date if you will! Also, we hadn't bee here since our tenth anniversary, that was almost 13 years ago! It's a short ferry ride from NorthVancouver's Horseshoe Bay Terminal.
We bought our ticket and were directed to pull into Lane 69. Keith gave me the eye and said, "hmm, my lucky number!" We were loaded onto the ferry and we were on our way.
It was a clear afternoon and the scenery from any of our ferries is always spectacular. The sun was warm and the fresh sea air is invigorating.

The ferry to Bowen, is one of the smaller ones. Two decks for cars and two decks for passengers. The Larger ferry seen passing in front of ours, in this picture goes to the larger islands. The Canadian flag flaps in the wind on the front of our ferry.

Once we got to the island we explored the marina and the small town. Its such a cute little place, with old buildings preserved so nicely.

You feel like you have gone back in time when you are here. The Island is a huge lump of rock which is amazingly covered in dense, old growth cedar and pine trees.

We had dinner in a nice old pub over looking the marina.

We shared the Northwest Salad which has a nice piece of smoked salmon on a delicious bed of mixed greens and grilled portobello mushrooms and oven roasted red bell peppers. We also had the Johnny Walker back ribs with onion Rings. The sauce was deliciously spicy, kinda like me!! Washed that down with a couple of beers. The bill came to $69. Causing keith to raise his eye brow again. That lucky number keeps popping up! I told him good things come in threes. That put a smile on his face. We went up to see a nice couple who had the same mini van as us for sale for parts. Our original reason for the trip. So Keith stripped off a few things that we can use for our van. Parts that would cost hundreds through a parts dealer, he got for $50 all told.

This is our ferry pulling in to Snug Cove on Bowen Island at dusk. I fell asleep in the car on the way home. Tired from having just four hours sleep for the past 48 hours. Those darned night shifts. I guess the beer didn't help either! But actually I wasnt even tired until we were headed home. Once I hit the bed I was out like a light! Sadly, too tired to come up with any more lucky numbers for Keith. I say two #69's in one day is enough for any man! At least he's got his parts to play with.


Dina said...

HA!HA!! good post! You made me smile first thing this morning after my tea ;). I've been to Bowen Island in 2002 and we also had lunch in a pub overlooking the river (I think), we also visited Nanaimo and we took a three day trip to Vancouver Island aswell. I felt nostalgia whilst looking at your photos of today.

Herman Verbrugge said...

Great outing, you deserved it! Your photos are also super. I can't get enough of the mountains. Thanks for the fun you shared with us and no comment on Keith's lucky number :-)

Monica said...

How wonderful! Sorry I haven't been online but I am just catching up with everything...been working on a move and stuff.

We have a big romantic weekend planned this guy and I. Hope it's contagious! LOL.

butterflies said...

LOL@69!! that was cute;)
Fabulous pics thankyou.I hope one day to visit and see those wonderful islands.

Walker said...

Great pictues of he surrounding scenery.
It's something I loved when I was in BC.
That's used to be my favorite number until i ended up in cell 69.

Louisiana said...

loved the post. so light and fun and good to see people having a naughty streak ;p

the trip sounds awesome. congrats..being on those ferry was such a treat for me, silly i'm sure but i loved it...the sighseeing, the water and the people, ahhhh...would move their in a heartbeat if i could i tell you...

i was born in 1969, on sept which is th 9 month and honest, i love the number 69...and not only for the obvious..
i think it is a beautiful number, arty as the two fit so beautifully and complement each other...i'll stop now for if not i might just give a way how weird i really can get...i have thought of the shapes etc of these numbers, lol.

the outing sounding awesome and i'm glad you guys did it, lol...i mean when at it, lol, i mean had a chance to get away-there that sounds clearer.

hopefully you weren't too tired but instead inspired to have a romantic come home cuddle....pretty good eh? it came out clean, lol.

thanks for your words. i love you guys. i wish there was more that i could do.


canuckabilly said...

Ok Herman easy on the lucky number (I chuckled too when I read that) but this was a great post. You deserve the break and what more beautiful surroundings and great things to do. Have a great weekend.

Louisiana said...

making my way here again, enjoying the pics.

i went from someone who had never been on a ferry and traveled through the beautiful islands to someone who did them every summer.

i hope that i may continue on for i loved it.

i hope to be back.

Anonymous said...