Saturday, November 03, 2007

Oliver BC

A few more photos from my time in Oliver this last week and my visit with fellow Blogger Outhouse Capital of Canada. Who also happens to be my dad!
Incredibly, The scenery just 400KM away is so vastly different from here. Oliver is in a desert, rich in minerals. So with irrigation, that sandy soil, it produces world renown fruits. The most recent product is the wines made there from all the vineyards that have sprung up on the mountain terraces.

The hills are covered with golden dried grasses, with the occasional scotch pine perching in precarious places. Dried shrubs sometimes roll along in the wind, known as tumbleweeds. Oliver is beautiful in a totally different way than the lush coast of this province. I used to think it looked so dead after being used to dense evergreen forests of my home.

Now I see an entirely different beauty.
Like my dad says "Up in the coastal mountains, you can't see the surrounding views for the dense forests, up here, there is nothing to block the view, when you climb a hill in Oliver, you can see for miles." We were up on a side road late one afternoon, when we happened upon a huge herd of California Big Horn Sheep. It sure was a treat to see them up so close.

Speaking of the Old Goat, oops I mean my Dad, he showed me some of his latest handiwork. It's a "no-hands" binocular chair. It reclines and swivels. The frame can be adjusted so you can peer through your binoculars without lifting a finger! He has it on his back porch. Now no bird or wild horse will be free from his wary eyes! As you can see in this photo, Dad is quite pleased with himself.

One day Mum and I were driving back from a day out and we saw several wild horses up on the hill, but were too far for my camera to get a good shot. I have so many photos. I will post a few more soon.
Having a good weekend my friends?


Penny Halston said...

Such spectacularly beautiful scenery. Unbelievable!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I look good in that binocular chair, With this, I call my self....The Couch Potato Astronomer, or bird watcher(with feathers)

Sienna said...


i can't seem to load your blog page ...i get the written words and am itching to see the pics but they wont show...will keep trying


leslie said...

Oliver is a neat place. My aunt & uncle (now deceased) used to live in Osoyoos and had an orchard there. I remember spending the whole summer there when I was about 10 years old. We drove the tractor helping out in the orchard and went horseback riding up in the hills. Also water skiied on Lake Osoyoos. Great area!

Herman Verbrugge said...

As always your post got my attention by your photos. Then I start reading what you've seen.
The first photo I studied was the photo of your Dad in his selfmade 'Binocular Chair'.... That's a smart invention! He should ask for a patent on it.

Dick said...

Good photos! I have never been to Oliver but grew up in Spokane so as familiar with the terrain east of the Cascades and it is different but beautiful. I like the desert in the south west also and it is a lot different.

Louisiana said...

i love coming to your and your dads blog. there is something so down to earth, honest and homey about them. you guys are good people.

i love your dads invention. i agree with him he looks good in that chair.

it is great to read someone elses passion for her family. i love that you are so family oriented and appreciate the treasure we have amongst us.

how is Kayla? i hope she is doing well. i will have to go back to see what you have written of her lately. hope to find great news.

you have nothing to apologize for. i thank you for the kind thoughts and for your visit as many times as you come. i'm most happy to have you over.

we are alright. we are tugging along. i have great days, good days, ok days, bad days, horrible days and gut wrenching my heart is dying days. it is a journey. confusion, sorrow, memories, questions of why torment me still but i'm trying to fight them back farther and farther.

i love your pics. as always they are beautiful. i love you. sending you guys hugs.

sharon said...

Awesome post, but I have to say, the best pic today is not of the beautiful wildlife and nature, but of your dad in that chair. Brilliant!

Canadian flake said...

As always, your pics are amazing..thanks for sharing. That chair of dad's is pretty cool. I would like one of those too.