Monday, November 05, 2007


My mum, Pat is here visiting for a few days. She came with me after I spent last week up at her place in Oliver.
Mum and dad own and operate a catering business, which they have made a real success through all their hard work.
Today, Mum spent all day in my kitchen baking goodies for a Christmas bazaar next weekend. When the kids came home they were all drooling at the mounds and mounds of shortbread, naniamo bars, and brownies, which are now all safely tucked into boxes in the deep freeze. They got to eat the off cuts and mis-shapen pieces! Grandma also made homemade buns to go with the pot roast that I put together for dinner and she spoiled them with brownies for dessert.
My resident nephew, Troy, is such a cute little guy. He calls my mum Grandma, although she is actually his Grandma- in- Law. Keith's mom is really his Grandma. He was overwhelmed at the sight of all the goodies! I just have to constantly remind him not to shake his beautiful golden head of hair when he is in the kitchen! He has a funny little habit of tossing his shiney locks side to side to get it in the shaggy look that he likes. I tried to explain that it could be bad for Grandma's business if customers find hair in their Christmas cookies!
I spent the day doing errands and trying to get caught up on laundry. Mundane tasks made more pleasant by having such good company!
Poor hubby had a muscle spasm in his back yesterday that left him laid out on the floor for three hours. Today he is feeling a lot better but still a bit stiff. He is silly though. I told him to just take it easy, but he had to go to work for a while this morning. As luck would have it, one of the company trucks had a flat tire that he had to change, not an ideal activity for a sore back. In spite of his grumblings about this, when he got home, he got out his tools and got to work on his back door replacement-wall moving project. What an awsome man about the house he is! I think the little backrub I gave him helped to keep him going!
My dryer buzzzzzzzzzer is going off, alerting me to yet more folding to be done. So I am off now to do that. Then I am putting my feet up in my recliner for the rest of the evening. Watching everyone work so hard around here has worn me out!
Thanks for popping by!


deni said...

It's sounds like you have been having a nice visit with your mother.

And after reading this, I am hungry!

Walker said...

You know I have a big kitchen if your mother ever needs to bake more goodies in this neck of the woods LOL

Tell hubby to think Heating pad, I set store by mine.

Penny Halston said...

Gosh, Walker beat me to it. I was gonna invite Mom over here. The smell of those goodies made it all the way over here. I've been cleaning all day and doing laundry, also. I'm finally ready to start baking, but I needed a little coffee and blog break first. Your hardworking husband sounds so much like mine. Hope his back is feeling better soon, so he can really enjoy his backrub. Wink.

Curtis said...

Catching up on my blog reading. Ahhh nothing like having Grandma around.

Louisiana said...

you and your mom are the spitting image of each other. she is so beautiful, she looks more like your sister than your mom. i have one of those too. aren't we lucky? we have great genes :)

i remember when i was in Nicaragua and my great-grandma would just bake up a storm. the smell! the smell still can bring a smile to me. not only in the yummy delicious sense but the comfortable cozy sense...

i know i have said it before but i must again, it is awesome to see how close your family is. it is wonderful to see such love and unity and respect for each other. it makes me smile in my heart to know how much you love the company of your mom and your dad.

enjoy her stay. enjoy your mom. enjoy all the yummies she bakes...

i'm sorry that your hubby is having back problems. my mom and my sisters mate have had a bad back now for almost a yr. it is very hard to function yet i have seen them both do it. i can imagine your hubby is strong willed and a hard worker and that is how he manages to keep on going through the pain.

i hope his back settles down again soon never to act up. i'm pretty sure it was your magic hands that helped him know what that means Susan,,you have to give him a good massage daily now, ;) help and maintain the good back.


God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have your Mum come on over to do some baking here! lol

I'm NOT going to do much this year cuz I'm still working on weight loss - shortbread are just TOO tempting.

So sorry re hubby's back. I go to massage therapy every 2 weeks because of a bad back - surgery 21 years ago...tell him to take it easy and if necessary, get himself to a massage therapist soon to help him relax the muscles.

leslie said...

I don't know how that post went through as anonymous, but it was me just above. *shrug*

Canadian flake said...

Glad you had such a nice visit with your Mum. I am drooling now thinking about all those yummy cookies and

Bobbie said...

It was nice to see you and your Mom yesterday. I'm glad you're having such a good visit. Take care and enjoy this beautiful sunny day.

Herman Verbrugge said...

You have a busy life and there has to be done a lot of work. Looking at the photo, I see that your Mom is a lovely lady and I think she is a good cook too :-).
Last question for today: "How is Kayla now?"