Thursday, November 01, 2007

Away Again

I am up at my folks home in Oliver BC, about 400 KM from home. Its been a nice little visit. I head back home tomorrow with my mum in tow. She will spend a few days at our place. This part time working is great! Now I get to do alot more visiting than I could before.
I left dear Hubby at home. As much as he would have loved the drive up here,his days off were deemed to be used more wisely working on completing one of his reno jobs. A few days ago, he ripped out our back door, and the wall surrounding it. He is moving the doorway over and installing a steel exterior door. The old one was hollow wood and was drafty and not very secure. Hopefully when I get home tomorrow, It will be completed!
Last night being halloween, I joined my sister Cathy, her hubby James and their two kids, along with my Mum and Dad, and we all went to the Oliver community center for some spooky fun. Matthew liked the big rats. Emma enjoyed everything, but wasn't keen on the Heads.

This morning my folks and I went for a walk through the orchards. Although the leaves are dying off, it is still so very beautiful. Many unpicked apples still cling to the baring branches.

We couldn't go too far as their old dog has just had a minor surgery and they didn't want her to over do it! We stopped by to visit the neighbours horse and give him some apples. Mom Is now out baking in her shop. I am going to work on my sewing for a while. Nice easy going little visit.


Penny Halston said...

Ah, sounds like an idylic life. Those children are adorable. Part time work agrees with me, too.

Walker said...

it's nice to have the time to escape the fast pace most of us have to go through and relax and enjoy the scenery.

Deb said...

I'm glad you had such a nice visit. It would have been nice to have seen you while you were here, but sounds as if your schedule was pretty full. :)

You had the sunny day, today is grey and raw. It's blanket weather!

Deb in the Tinpalace

Canadian flake said...

thanks for sharing the pics...hope you are having a great time.. I am back after a bit of a break getting caught up on what I have missed. Safe drive home.

Herman Verbrugge said...

That was a long drive to Oliver BC, but you had a good time there.

And...., is the door replaced?

The photo of the horse is special to me. I like these animals very much, the way they look at us is so friendly. Do you know what breed this one is?