Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Next!

They say bad things happen in threes. Well, this week has been one of those where I got the full trio and then an encore!

BAD THING #1 One morning I went out to the car to go to work and it had been broken into. The lock was punched out and everything was strewn allover the car seats and floors. All four windows were right down. We think that maybe the perpetrators (that's too nice a word to describe people like that) may have been about to steal it, but got scared off by someone. Keith had left at 2.30 in the morning for work, maybe him coming out frightened them away. The repair place says that the alarms in these cars, deactivate as soon as the lock is punched out and that will also cause the windows to drop. Now what is that all about? Are the people at Volkswagen actually trying to make it easier for the criminals to do their dirty deeds? They cant get us in to repair it until Monday, so now we have to keep another vehicle blocking it in the driveway as it can't be locked! Poor Keith. This is the first new car he has ever owned!
BAD THING # 2 Middle son came home a couple of days ago limping. "Mom", he said, "I stood on a nail on my way to school this morning and it went right through my shoe and deep into my foot". So, off to the clinic we went for a tetanus booster and a strong does of antibiotics. He learns, this boy, yes he does. last year, he did the same thing, but considers complaining about pain, beneath his masculine ego. So he failed to mention in for a couple of days, by then the foot had swollen and just about had gangrene set in.
BAD THING #3 Middle son, Yes him again. The boy is a walking caution sign. Today he came home and his hand was bleeding. He had been bitten by a friends dog, he had several punctures on his fingers. He assures me it is a healthy animal and he does not need to be checked for rabies. Fortunately he is already on antibiotics so hopefully he won't loose his hand! Thank goodness, it was only a small dog.

THE ENCORE...Our niece Kayla has had a couple of set backs this week and really could use some positive vibes and prayers right now. She has been charging along and getting on with life, happy to be back to school. She was just starting to feel like she could put her worries behind her. Life however likes to throw up hurdles, doesn't it? Well, knowing this girl as I do, I am confident that she will clear any obstacle put in her path. After the amazing challenges she faced and conquered this past year, I know this won't slow her down for long!
For all the negative things in life, there is a balance of positive. There have been good things going on too. Our lives have been rich with blessings and one of those is our big family and all the love we have.
Sorry I have been slow to update here. We have been busy getting Keith's brother and nephew settled into their new place in our basement. They have everything unpacked now and are starting to feel at home.
I have an early morning tomorrow, so I am going to putter off to bed now.
Good night All.


Herman Verbrugge said...
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Herman Verbrugge said...

Good things happen also in threes, Susan. And you know after bad times come good times. What happened to your car is annoying and I understand very well when you feel angry. Do have an insurance for this kind of damage?

And your son is probably a breakdown bird.

Concerning Kayla... I feel so sorry for this brave girl. Now this, after everything what she already had to endure. I have read about your concerns in Bobbies blog. My best whishes go out to her and her parents and all other family members.

deni said...

I'm sorry about all the bad things that happened. Kayla is in my thoughts and prayers, I believe that God has a wonderful purpose for Kayla, and where God has a purpose nothing can get in the way of that.

Take care,

Bobbie said...

It's so true about bad things happening in three's. Hope your son's okay and will be more careful in the future.

What's the sense of having a car alarm if they don't go off when someone breaks in!! I guess on the upside, it's good they didn't steal the car.

I hope the results for Kayla's biopsy will be negative. She's such a trouper and doesn't deserve this.

Take care, and hoping only good things happen from now on.

Penny Halston said...

Sorry to hear about your car - how frustrating. Thankfully your son will recover, non the worse for wear. I will pray for Kayla. It is sad for a young girl to have to go through so much. Hopefully things will turn out okay.

Curtis said...

Take it from me, life just sucks sometimes but you have family and love and your life so chin up and keep on going. Kayla will be in my prayers. As you told me, now I'm telling you...I'm out here for support. I had the same problem with my other can't have anything nice nowadays it seems, but the car will get fixed but I know how it is to be proud of something just to have some yahoo come along and mess it up. Have a wonderful weekend.

Dina said...

In maltese we have a saying that says once faith knocks on your door you better open it wide. I am sure that the wheel will turn and you and your family will be doing better. With regards to Kayla I really really hope and will pray that she will be fine.

Canadian flake said...

Hang in there and don't let it get to you....hopefully things are going better now.

As always, I am praying for Kayla...hope she is feeling better now.

Anonymous said...