Monday, September 17, 2007

Get Away

A couple of weeks ago we went away for a couple of nights at The Harrison Hot Springs Hotel to celebrate our 22nd anniversary. As the name implies, the pools at this place are heated by natural hot springs.
It is a first class hotel with a very fancy new part, this is the lobby. We stayed in an older part of the hotel, which is still very nice, but the price is more to our style!
Keith had booked a room that was right off the adults only pool. We could walk out of our room, to a patio that was screened by trees and then down a little brick path to the pool! After a soak in the healing waters, we could lounge in our little patio area sipping wine! If you click on this photo the enlarge it, you will be able to read the sign, which I thought would look nice in my back yard on my own poolside! The Japanese style covered walkway crosses a waterfall which goes down to a cooler, children's pool over on the other side.
A few minutes walk from the hotel are the remains of the original hot springs site, styled after the ancient Roman Baths. Now it is surrounded by a high chain link fence, but it still has the hot water in it and continues to steam and bubble. Its incredible how hot that water is.
I took a photo of the history sign so I wouldn't forget the particulars. Enlarge it to read the details.
We walked along the beach. I love to watch the people enjoy their day. Of course the little kids with buckets and shovels make for the classic beach photos. I think its great that these little folks can spend hours with their imagination in the sand, just like they did a 100 years ago. Much more fun that video games!
The older people catch my eye too. They may not be playing with shovels, but they are having just as good a time as they enjoy the warm sand between their toes and the sweet cool breezes. Surely, watching the little kids play brings back memories of their own child hood days! This threesome reminds me of me, my sister, Carol and Keith when we get older! He looks like he's thinking, why didn't Carol bring her own damn chair! That's the lagoon in front of them , which is a nice sheltered swim hole. Beyond that is the sandcastle display. They have the fence there as a windbreak, so the sand castles last for a few weeks. Out beyond that is the lake that winds out around the mountains. Once, Keith and his brother and some of the guys, canoed around the lake and it took four days and they didn't even go all the way to the far end.
Now we are back to reality. Vacation is over and we are all back to work and school. Things are moving right along.
Hope your September is going well!


Penny Halston said...

That getaway is just my cup of tea! I love, love, love hot water. Have you been to the Banff Hot Springs and if so, how do they compare? I really should keep a journal with the names of these places that you've been going to, cause I'd sure like to go there sometime.

Dick said...

We used to go to Harrison Hot Springs each fall with our MG car club. We went in Oct and called it a fall color tour. By then the leaves are changing and it is a beautiful trip but the weather is usually pretty good. I miss it.

Herman Verbrugge said...

You had a wonderful time in a wonderful place. One question remains... Why is Alice Douglas called a Saint, do you know that?

Michael Manning said...

Yes! I relate as I finish up my month-long trip to Los Angeles where I was able to fit in things like visiting the Queen Mary ship and so forth. Good for you!

Josie said...

I love, love, love, Harrison Hot Springs. Lucky you...! It's our little jewel here, isn't it?


Canadian flake said...

omg your photos are have such a great eye for the perfect pic...when I see them, I feel like I am actually there with you.

You really are an amazing photographer...thanks again for sharing.

Anonymous said...