Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six years ago this Day

The pain and fear that lodged in my heart on that day is still as strong as it ever was. My thoughts are on those who perished and their families.

At first I posted a tribute with all those dreadful images, but then I saw this and I thought it is a gentler,sweeter rememberance.
I hope the commercial aspect doesnt offend anyone.

Double click on the arrow to play.


Penny Halston said...

The Youtube wasn't working for me. Oh my gosh, I didn't even realize that today was the 11th. It is also my niece's birthday - what a way to think of the date. I can't believe 5 yrs have already passed and the consequences of that day seem to have no end in sight. How very sad for everyone.

Josie said...

That's really cool. My daughter and I went to the World Trade Center not long before they fell. We were gobsmacked by the size of them, and the buildings around them. And the streets were so narrow, when those buildings fell, there was nowhere for them to go. And we wondered how many people we had passed in the plaza and in the lobbies, perished when the buildings fell.

Canadian flake said...

this was a beautiful tribute. Thanks for sharing it.

sharon said...

Hey Susan! I haven't been around for a while, but I just read all your posts that I missed. I love Golden Ears park for camping, too. It's a little nicer than Harrison, but the beach at Harrison is better. Glad to hear you had a nice vacation. Oh and you have to ground Kieth. No tv, computer, or outings!!!

Herman Verbrugge said...

It was a horrible day and changed the world.

Faye said...

That was a nice tribute Susan. I'll never forget the sight on the TV that morning it was so horrindous and unexpected in American. My heart also goes out to the lives lost and the friends and family who must go on.

jem_ca@hotmail.com said...

Are you aware that your list of blogs you read no longer appears on your page?
Elaine in BC

leslie said...

oh Susan, this gave me shivers and goosebumps. I remember that day vividly and felt like I was in the twilight zone. Horrendous event and such a lovely tribute.