Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fly Safe!

This morning we said goodbye to cousin Lee. My dad drove her off to the airport. I wish I could have gone but I didn't want to be trapped in a vehicle and risk infecting everyone with this crummy cold. I am on my second sick day from work. Dad has it too but he still drove her, which I thought was very nice of him since the bus system here leaves much to be desired and it would be the Pitts dragging a couple of suitcases all the way to Vancouver. If she got lost nobody would be able to understand her with her broad Lancashire dialect.

A few days ago, we went on a bear hunt. Deanna is always talking about seeing bears at Minnekhada Park, so my dad wanted to go out there and show Lee the teds. But we were too late. The blueberries are finished and the bears are gone. They had seen bears as they toured around BC this past month, but we disappointed here.
We did have a nice walk and climb up the hill. I was already starting to get a cold then, and the the short hike up the steep hill almost killed me! But the view was worth it. It amazes me how we can walk along a flat field and then all of a sudden there is a wall of rock. no gradual elevation just "BANG!! here's the mountain!"

The day started off quite overcast, but I noticed a little blue space between the clouds as we were driving there. I said "See that little patch of blue? It's going to magically expand and turn into a gorgeous sunny day" Sure enough, the clouds started rolling away. How's that for the power of positive thinking? If only I could wish this cold away so easily! I love how we get these black clouds on our mountains. Scenes like this remind me of Maui. Less the palm trees.

We found Deanna's little red bridge.
She has posted photos of this little bridge often on her blog and I never knew where it was. It was by the Minnekhada Lodge on the hill. Its gorgeous up there. We got to meet Vern the groundskeeper, who was a super nice guy. When he heard our English accents, he burst out into a fine rendition of Rule Britannia!

And for all you nice folks who have been asking about Kayla...
She is home again now and feeling much better.
She goes in for her results Monday.
Keeping everything crossed for good news on the lung biopsies.


Penny Halston said...

Such beautiful scenery, even if you didn't spot any bears. I've been thinking about Kayla and will continue to pray for good news. Hope you are feeling better, soon.

Anonymous said...

hello, I am here from monica's blog and would like to send you and your family warm wishes and happy blue skies, from australia! xx

Josie said...

You always have such gorgeous pictures on your blog. I feel as if I could walk right into them.

I haven't been visiting many blogs lately, so I'm playing catch up.


Bobbie said...

I've never been to Minnekhada Park even though it is so close by. Now that I've seen your wonderful pictures, I'm going to make a point of going there.

I pray that Kayla's results will be good, and am glad she's back at home recovering.

Take care and have a good week, and thanks for keeping us updated on Kayla.

Canadian flake said...

Such gorgious always. I don't think I would be too keen to go LOOKING for bears...lmao.

Kayla and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the news is all good today.

Herman Verbrugge said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for Kayla.
The only bears I have ever seen were in the zoo. :-)

Monica said...

Checking in on Kayla. Fingers crossed the news was good? :)

Michael Manning said...

Of course, my sincere BEST to Kayla! We have plenty of Deer around my neckof the woods--no pun intended--but thankfully no bears!

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