Monday, October 01, 2007

I am the Queen of my Castle

In my home , my sanctuary. This is where I am sovereign.
I reign this palace along side the King. My knight in shining armour. Together we rule over the dust bunnies and the other minions that reside here at our mercy.
For a week I have suffered with this ailment which has reduced me to a snivelling , half alive cadaver. I have circles under my eyes, my head continues to throb and my chest is tight, it hurts to breath. Amazing what a grip the common cold can get on one usually so strong!
Thankfully, while in my weakened state, my king has tended to me and pampered me. I know I look like a dogs dinner, and yet he still tells me I am beautiful. Love is blind they say.
I have never been a fancy queen. Rarely am I primped and pomped. I get my hair cut a couple times a year. There is more gray now than blonde. And lo these many years have brought with them the royal wrinkles, yes they have!
Thank you my love, for always loving me and making me feel like a shining jewel everyday, even when I feel like a lump of ...coal.
Keith took this picture of me in 2003 in London Tower.


sharon said...

Awe, I hope you feel better soon, Susan. It sucks to be under the weather, but if you have to be sick, it sure is nice to have a hubby who reminds you that you are beautiful.

Canadian flake said...

Hop you are feeling better soon. Kayla and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Josie said...

I love that black and white photograph of you. You do indeed look like a queen.

Sorry to hear about your cold. There's nothing worse, hey?

Take care,

Charlotte said...

I love the "royal wrinkles"! I've got some of my own, which I tolerate, but it seems it's time to celebrate them.

(Found you on Nablopomo, by the way - I've just signed up!)

Anonymous said...