Friday, September 07, 2007

A Few More Gray Hairs.

After a couple of scares this week, I have a few more gray hairs.
Last weekend, our 18 year old son went to a friends for one night. He left the phone number of this friend. When He didn't come home a second night, we decided to phone the friends number. Turns out it was the incorrect number. David has a memory like me for numbers. Anyway, I spent the night worrying. I shouldn't, because he tends to forget we exist when he is with his friends. He finally made it home late on the third night! By that time I was going through photos for his missing persons report! When I tried to sleep, I was dreaming I was at the morgue, checking drawers for his body!

When we tried to talk to him, he got offended that we were trying to limit him so much. "What do you think I am doing? Going out marauding and pillaging?" We have told him before, that even adults have to let others know where they are so people don't worry. So Keith grounded him. No going out after school, no outings on the weekend and no computer! We should have said no phone calls too, so we have had lots of his pals calling since they can't IM him.

I'd like to think he will learn a lesson. Keith told him, If it happens again, his room will be boarded up, (with him in it in shackles. I wish!!!). No such luxury. He would have to come and sleep in the room next to ours so we can keep an eye on him. That also would mean no drums! gasp! I am looking forward to him growing up a bit and having some accountability.

The next day, Keith headed off to Edmonton. Which is on the other side of the Rockies. It is about a 13 -14 hour drive. He took his dads big old pick up so he can help his brother and Nephew move out to BC. Last I heard, they were going to set off back home on Wednesday afternoon. So I was expecting them here by Thursday noon at the latest. No sign of them. When I went to work at 11.00 pm they still weren't home. Now I am getting really worried. Surely they would call if there was a delay? Well now its Friday and they are still not back. I came home from my night shift, fully expecting there to be a truck in the drive.


Ok! Now I am starting to freak out!

I called all his family to see if they had heard from them.


So I called Normans ex-wife in Edmonton, she confirmed that they left town at 1:00 in the afternoon Thursday, yesterday.

Well that's great, you would have thought they would call to say they are only leaving a day late! Well that makes them a mere 6 hours late, and no call.

With the two of them driving, there was no need to have to stop to rest.

Keith's younger brother is a policeman, and he said it was time to report them overdue in case they had run into trouble. As I was making my Police report, I received a message on my cell that they had run out of fuel and were being towed to a station just a few hours from here. Now this truck has two huge tanks on board. They had run out, they must have forgot to gas up before they left town!

What a relief, they were safe.

I called all the family to let them all know they were ok.

Just wait until I tell them that they had their Dad in tears, he was so worried!

When they get home, they will get lots of hugs and kisses.

Then I am going to knock their freakin' heads together.

So, I don't suppose there is much hope for my son learning to call and let us know his whereabouts if his Dad can't do so!!!!
Now I will head off to bed. After two night shifts and all this worry, I am bagged! They should be here before long.


Coll said...

I so understand your worry. I would be the same. What is so difficult about making a call? I have asked that question many, many times. So glad everyone is safe.

Donna said...

Enjoying reading your blog! Have a great day!

Dina said...

I do understand so much your worries. I used to worry alot when I was still at my parents house and my younger brother used to go out and come in very late in the evening or the next day , I never used to be able to sleep . Don't they understand that the ones at home would be waiting for them worried sick?!

Penny Halston said...

You have my utmost empathy. I am a worrier by nature, so the most unimaginable things pop into my head. My children have given me scares, too - although not for two nights running. Your husband and son owe you big time for making you worry so much. Wasn't there some way of contacting you? Glad they're safe.

Bobbie said...

Do you have a big dog house in your back yard? Your son and your hubby could be doghouse roommates! I can just imagine how worried you must have been Susan. I'm glad your hubby is safe and sound.

Herman Verbrugge said...

As far as I can remember is raising kids a kind of battling. You have to withdraw fighting and at the end they will be the winners. Punishing them is most of the time contra productive. Telling them how worried you were and how irresposible they were is better. And that was what you did. I am sure they love you for being their caring Mom.

Canadian flake said...

man oh man men can be SUCH buttheads...sorta makes ya wanna smack the snot outta then AFTER ya finish hugging the stuffing out of them eh? LOL.

Josie said...

Susan, what you have described is my worst nightmare. It's the worst feeling in the world. I would never let anyone go through that, and you're right, they both need some sense knocked into them. My goodness gracious, what a week you've had!!!!!

Monica said...

You have described every wife and mother's nightmare.

Now that all is safe...are you going to let the son ground the husband?

Actually what happened with Keith is a good lesson to show the son why you were so worried.

Just glad all are safe.

Take care of you.

Walker said...

I think they should all chip in and send you to the SPA for the day for all the stress and worry they put you through.
I was going to suggest boarding up keith in his room to but I knew you would only agree to that if you were boarded up in there with him. LOL

Anonymous said...