Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Furry Friend

This post is dedicated to WALKER, who just lost his 20 year old fur person, EMME. I know how you feel buddy. Your loss has brought my own to the surface.

In February of 2005, I lost one of my best friends.

Grandville, our big orange tom cat, came into our lives as a mature rescue kitty from the pound in July of 1991. In no time, he firmly secured a huge place in my heart, more so than any pet I had had before. Here he is soaking up the sun with his old pal Copper. This cat and dog threw all the rules about feline-canine rivalry out the window and were fast friends. When Grandville died in February, the life went out of Copper and a few months later, he also passed away. Leaving one remaining younger cat, Tabby. It was a sad time for this family.

But soon enough Binzen arrived and filled the house with puppy enthusiasm and antics. Now Binzen is two and looking very much like old Copper at times. But replacing Grandville was more difficult. It's taken this long for me to move forward on the cat front. The recent adoption of these two kittens was for my daughter (Who took both these photos). The gray male, shows some traits similar to Grandville and I hope he might become my little fur person. I'm ready for it. Binzen has really taken to them and looks after them. Tabby Is still in the adjustment phase. It must be hard for her to have these two invaders taking over the house. Its been two weeks and she still hisses at them. I hope she will see Binzens acceptance and soon follow his lead.
And Walker...It will get better.


LZ Blogger said...

It is really tough on a family whenever we lose a pet that has become part of the family. We had a family pet for 18 years and she (Daisy) grew up with our sons. I think that was the first time they had experienced that kind of loss before. ~ jb///

Vickie said...

These little furry friends are family and when we lose one it is difficult. We actually grieve for them just as we would any other family member's death. Love is love.

What a special post---I know it will touch Walker.

Penny Halston said...

We've only had one long time pet; a lab/border collie cross. It was very hard when she died - even harder because it was our decision to put her down. We will always remember her.

Canadian flake said...

When I lost my dear cat Bandit, I mourned and missed her so very much. I think part of it is because they give you unconditional love with no strings attached. That isn't easy to find these days. I miss Bandit still but I am glad to have had her in my life as long as I did.

sharon said...

I've lost a few pets in my time, too. It really hurts, but the joy they bring you in life is so awesome. I hate to think of our little "frisky" going to the kennels in the sky. He'll be 11 in august. He's still got alot of puppy in him, so I'm not gonna dwell on it. I hope Tabby gets used to the little cuties. How adorable that Binzen lets them sprawl all over him!

Josie said...

That is seriously the cutest picture I have ever seen. Look at the look on Binzen's face. Pure patience. Omigosh, they must all bring you so much joy.


Walker said...

Thank you and I know it will get better.

Over the years I have been blessed with good friends and some of them have been the four legged variety.
I can't remember when I didn't have a pet cat or dog from the time I was living alone.

"Animal" was my first cat, huge wild cat that tipped the scale at close to thrity pounds but wasn't fat and terrorised my friends when they came over.
Sammy my Keeshounds who I had to put down at 19 and now Emme at 20 who just passed away.
I still have Frick who is turning 17 soon and is like a big kitten now a days, I know he knows about Emme now and stays close to me.
I know how I feel will pass as it has in the past when I lost Sammy and Animal but because of how long they live I have also started to think that with me getting older, if something ever happened to me there wouldn't be anyone to take care of my pet or pets like I used to do and have decided not to have any more after Frick.

I know that most of the older cats that don't get adopted at the humain society are put down and the thought of that sickens me.
It's not the fault of the Humain Society because they do need the room but I can't think or don't want to think about a pet who has been loved most of it's life and with plenty of life left put down because it's master died and no one wants a old cat.

The way I think may sound stupid to some people but like the way we prepare for our children if we pass I think about my pets in the same light as well because they are part of my family.
As loyal as they are to me I return that loyalty to them.

Emme will live forever in my heart as Sammy and Animal do.

Great post and thank you once more.

Anonymous said...