Friday, July 06, 2007

Plunge into Summer.

Yesterday was the start of my days off. My sister Carol and her twosome came over. So did Keith's sister Donna and her two kids and one little friend.
With an assortment of toys and floatation devices, they were all set. But man, those goggles just kept leaking! Jenny hates water in her eyes!
We had a great time. The weather was so sunny and hot. These are the days when that pool is really appreciated!
Even the dog got in on the action. Last year we bought him his own kiddie pool. He loves to splash around in it. He is really good about staying out of the people pool. When he was little he jumped in a few times. He loves the water and was swimming like a fish at just a few weeks old.
In this photo, Eddie is throwing the orca. Behind him, the dog is standing looking at his rubber hamburger, which he likes to drop in the pool when some one is in it. He waits for one of the swimmers to throw it for him. He especially loves it to be thrown into his little pool. The kids swam for hours, which always is a guarantee for lots of very hungry tummies.
Keith had to work but was home in time for dinner. I swear he has a built in instinct about when dinner is ready. He seems to get in alot just in time to eat. I made barbequed salmon burgers, hamburgers and a huge ceasar salad. They all came back for seconds. The nephews and niece's love it when Uncle Keith gets in to play with them. He gives them rides and throws them around for a big splash. I', not much fun. I like to be left alone in the water and have never enjoyed being "leached" onto! I tend to be the one continually reminding them of safety issues! I swear, I would save my voice if I just recorded it and put it on replay. "No running around the pool" "You are getting too rough!" "Quiet down! The neighbours don't want to hear all this commotion!" "You keep that life jacket on!" OH yeah! I'm a barrel of fun. I leave the fun department up to uncle!


Canadian flake said...

The pool likes nice and cool. I am jealous and will be right over for a swim and some bbq..lmao.

Penny Halston said...

Your pool does look inviting. I promise not to leach and I'll follow the rules.LOL

Bobbie - said...

Hasn't the weather been gorgeous. Glad you and the family are taking advantage of all the hot weather. I thought I could hear splashing and laughter off in the distance!

Take care and enjoy your days off.

Anonymous said...