Friday, June 29, 2007


Before I begin todays post, I want to direct you to read about my friend Ellen in Winnipeg. She has been battling cancer for a couple of years. A bunch of her friends on the Blog, got together under the direction of Kathy, whose son has also had cancer. Between us we made over a 1000 cranes for Ellen.
Kathy strung them all together on the mobile and also beaded the name of each contributing blog! Please go by and visit her HERE and read her June 27th and 28th posts. Her joy at reciving this touches me so deeply.

I just got back from dropping off the boys and a couple of friends up at the West Canyon/Golden Ears Trail parking lot. The starting point of their weekend hike. My oldest son Andrew on the right and David second from the left. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... It makes me so happy to know what good friends my sons are, despite their very different natures. Makes a mum so proud. Actually, right from being small boys, they have always gotten along very well.
They didn't want to park up there as its kind of desolate and a vehicle left there is a good target for crime. So, tomorrow at 6pm Keith will be up there to meet them and bring them back.
It is about a twenty minute drive from home up into Golden Ears Provincial Park.
I stopped to take this photo from the road side. In this one you cant see the mountains for the hills. Their hike will begin in these hills into the north peaks beyond.

From this point to the summit is 12 kilometers, with an elevation change of 1500 meters. It takes approximately 7 hours to get to the top. But they plan to go only as far as Alder flats and set up camp, before they continue up the peak named the North Ear. To get there they will hike a well defined trail through our rainforest, with its moss laden trees and fern carpeted forest floor. Beyond the flats they go above the treeline and have to cross a permanent snowfield. They have done this hike several times, but this year there is still a lot of snow up top. So of course being a mom, I will be worrying about them. David didn't shower for a couple of days. PHEW! He says animals fear human scent. His theory being that if a bear ambles into their camp, he will just fan his armpits at it and it will turn tail in a hurry! I pity the other boys who have to share a tent with him though. Perhaps they will pin him down and rub wet pine needles in his underarms!

The weather isn't too favorable. Cloudy with sunny breaks. I'll be watching the mountain from by back window! I can see the Golden Ears mountains, just bearley between the trees. Presently, its peaks are cloaked in cloud.

Heidi, my neice Jenny and I are going to hang around here and have a girls day!


Penny Halston said...

I am so happy that you were able to surprise Ellen with this gift. Ellen is a good blog friend of mine. I know you weren't able to let everyone know about this incredible project to keep it secret. However, I know many of Ellen's friends would have loved to be able to contribute, myself included. It touches my heart that you and Cathy, and all the participants were able to do this for her.
We have a lot in common. My two sons are pretty close and so a lot of things together also. I can identify with the worrying part. For me, one of the greatest gifts of parenting is when your children are close.

Josie said...

That was an amazing project you guys did for your friend Ellen. My goodness.

I had no idea Golden Ears Provincial Park was so beautiful. I'd love to go there sometime. I get too citified.

You're so lucky your sons get along. It's very rare.

Happy Canada Day!


Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I always wanted to do that hike up to the Golden Ears, remember when we walked up to that bridge across the river and only you would cross

Canadian flake said...

Wow gorgious pics. Hope the boys have a great time and make it home safely. I think every Mom would be worrying too...we just can't help ourselves..lmao.

Walker said...

For a second there I thought Ellen was in a Jamaican jail.
That looks like alot of work you all put in and I am sure she was happy to get them.

Wow 12 Kilometers
There would have to be a beer store at the top to get me to walk that far at my age lol
It looks beautiful though but what I have seen of B.C. it all looks that way.

sharon said...

That was a wonderful thing that you and the rest of the crane posse did for my Aunt Ellen. I already know how much people love her, but it warms my heart that people find ways to show her.
As for your boys and their camping trip, it must be great to be so young and energetic. These experiences are what life is all about. Good for them for living life to it's fullest potential!

Anonymous said...