Friday, July 13, 2007

Beer Run

Last night the heat wave backed off. People began to creep out from under their shady spots and venture back out into the open once again.
There was a nice cool breeze and it was a relief after the sweltering chinooks of the previous day.

We went for sushi. Nothing like cold wet raw fish on a balmy summer night. We got 'Love Boat A' with tuna and salmon sashimi and California rolls, with a side order of tempura. Washed it down with green tea ice cream. I don't know what I like better, the cool green colour of it, the taste of it or the cute little dish it comes in!

After our appetites were sated, we toodled over to the wharf. It was a gorgeous evening. The sun was starting to get low, and cast a luminous glow on everything. The water level has dropped about four feet.
A while ago, we were on flood alert. The rails of this rampthat keith is leaning on, were up past the tin caps that top the upright supports of the wharf. The river remains very high and running fast. With the heat melting the mountain snow, I don't see it going down to soon, but at least its not a flood danger now. We saw several very large sashimi, oops! I mean salmon, jumping in the river. They must have been close to three feet long.

While we were there, a boat pulled up and one of its occupants ran up across the train tracks to the liquor store for a case of beer. He got back on board and away they went. I wonder if they caught any of those big fishies!

On our way home, we passed the A&W drive thru restaurant. Evey Thursday evening in summer, they host the classic car show. They set up a DJ with the sound system and have the oldies playing over the speakers. Classic car enthusiasts and owners turn out to see the cars.
There sure are some fantastic cars. My favorite part of this gathering is watching people come together. Strangers with an affection for the oldies chatting like old friends. Reminiscing about cars through the lifetime. "AH yes, there is always one that you wish you hadn't sold." "I had my first kiss in my dads '57 Chevy." Little tidbits of conversation and snippets of humanity.

It was a perfect summer evening, spent with the one I love.
I mean Keith! Did you think I meant my camera?

Got an email from my mum last night. Dad came through the surgery fine and is at home recovering. Hope fully they have cooled down a little in Oliver too. It can be really hot there.


Josie said...

Susan, what gorgeous(!) photographs. There is nothing like the Fraser River on a summer evening. I like it in late summer, too, when you can hear the crickets.

Glad to hear your dad is okay.

Stay cool.


Canadian flake said...

Wow your pics are beautiful. Sounds like a really nice evening. Glad to hear dad is okay and hope he mends quickly.

chosha said...

Good news on your dad!

What I wouldn't give for a bit of a heat wave here. Here it's still cold with short, dark days.

Cowboy Joe said...

Hey, that's the same surgery I just went through 8 weeks ago. I was back at work after just 6 days despite it being a doubler hernia. Hope your dad recovers as fast.
We were at the car show last night too, had to pick up the step-daughter after her first shift at her new job.
Hey if the water's dropped that much maybe Colton's glasses can be retrieved because they bounced off that very railing that Keith is leaning on. LOL.
Missin' ya'll, haven't been to the Ranch for a couple of weeks, but will be back there in August after a trip to the Island.
Hope your summer is going well. Hugs.

Bobbie - said...

I sure am glad it cooled down some.

We missed this show but did take in the one last Saturday at A&W. It was a gathering of Mustang's and there sure were some nice cars there.

Glad your dad is doing okay.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I thought that was ileagle, drinking beer on a boat, and no life jackets either... fools.
Glad to hear the river level is down
Nice car pics

deni said...

I am glad to hear about your dad.

Looks like you had a nice time, love the pics.

canuckabilly said...

Glad to hear about your dad. I always enjoy your pictures. Enjoy your weekend

Penny Halston said...

Hurray for your dad. Your pics are great, as usual. I want to try and make my own sushi as soon as I finish painting the kitchen. Course my salmon won't be freshly caught.

leslie said...

Hi Susan! you have some wonderful photos here and it looks like you all had a great time. It's such a relief that it's cooled down now - that heat was so draining. Anyhoo, pop over to my place and see why you're "it." (*wink*)

Anonymous said...