Tuesday, July 10, 2007


KAYLA is in countdown mode.
Her whole family is going to London England in one more week to meet JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter. This is Kayla's wish come true from the Make-a-Wish Foundation. What a wonderful distraction from all the worries she and all her family have been through over the past 18 months. She is going for a check up today to make sure all is well for the trip. I hope to hear from her before she goes away. This was a self portrait that Kayla did while here visiting in 2005. I love how it shows the intensity within. Her hair is growing back in curly, just like it was when she was a baby. I cant wait to see photos of her trip.

Oldest son had applied for jobs but hadn't had any calls yet. Father had the theory that if he shaved of his beard and cut his long hair, his prospects would improve. After all, every place in town has help wanted signs up. Sure enough, he took dads advice and got the first job he enquired about with his nice haircut. Just goes to show that looking respectable is the better part of being respected. He has started his new job at the grocery store. Getting a lot of hours on his schedule but will be able to go to weekends when college starts in September. Saturday, he learned the hard way that all work and no play gets you thrown in the pool fully dressed! It was a hot day and it made us hot to see him in his jeans. At least he was nice and refreshed to go to work!

Younger son, is taking math all of July. He will finish a complete semester in four weeks. His aim is to get it out of the way so he wont have such a load in September. He is working doing some construction and landscaping. He bought new accessories for his drums and a new rug to put them on so they don't slide away along the laminate flooring as he plays. He had Saturday off and took a well deserved break with some friends who came over for a swim.

My daughter, the youngest child, is busy raising her kittens and loving every minute of it. She is working two days a week at a local Kennel, where pampered pooches go to spend the day instead of being locked in at home all alone. She is still doing her paper route. She has been delivering our local news for over four years. We had Heidi's girls group, Jobs Daughters over for a swim and BBQ on Saturday and this is a video of some of the girl's silliness. They had a great time and said it was the best pool party they had ever had. Duh! The last one we had it poured down!

We went to a barbecue on Sunday for our Eastern Star Chapter. I have been making birthday cards for the members using my photos for the front picture. While we were at the BBQ, a couple of people who had received birthday cards from me expressed how much they enjoyed receiving them. One lady even said she was going to frame hers. I thought that was really nice. It makes me happy to have a constructive way to share my photos.

On Thursday, my Dad, of Outhouse Capital fame, goes for surgery. He has a hernia in his groin. He caused it by trying to be mighty man and lifted pieces of tree for firewood without cutting them up first. So he will be out of action for a while. Any thoughts and prayers would be appreciated. My mum had minor surgery in early spring, bunion surgery. Dad just has to do everything she does! If he heals and recuperates as well as she did, it will be a good thing!

They are forecasting a heat wave for our area this coming week. Anyone who bought stocks in fans and deodorant are going to make a killing!

Hope you have a good week. Stay safe!


Canadian flake said...

Prayers sent out to your Dad. I have had 2 hernia surgerys and I didn't really enjoy the recovery. It is SO hard not to reinjure or reopen the hernia. Tell dad to take his time healing up and hang in there. Loved the pics btw

deni said...

What goes around, comes around, and prayer is one of the good things to go around. Your dad is in my prayers!


Herman Verbrugge said...

Thanks for the update about Kayla, I wish her a wonderful time during her visit to London.

And let's hope your Dad will recover in a few weeks from surgery.

How petty, the video wont work at my side :-(

Wish you and the whole family all the best.

Penny Halston said...

I am excited for Kayla. Prayers for your Dad. I'm a little interested in the bunion surgery cause I'm having foot problems. Is your mom happy with the results? Did it hurt a lot? Can she wear regular shoes now?

Josie said...

Omigosh, that pool looks so inviting. Can I come over? I was just looking at the pool on Bobbie's blog as well. Can you believe how hot it got all of a sudden? Phew...!

Stay cool.

Best wishes to your Dad.


How is Kayla?

Bobbie - said...

Kayla is going to have a great time. She must be so excited.

I hope all goes well with your Dad's surgery, and he doesn't try to over-do it.

Today sure was a scorcher...but you have a 'real' pool to cool off in.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Thanks for all the well wishes for my surgery today, maybe my time laid up will inspire me to take more pictures and post them in my blogs

Herman Verbrugge said...

For some unknown reason the video did not play yesterday, but today... YES.

Walker said...

I hope all went well with your father's surgery :)

Appearances are important when working somewhere when you are infront og the public.
You do represent the poeple you work for and they want someone that reflects their business.

I bet Kayla is excited about her trip as I am sure her famil;y is as well.

The weather is weird, we have been like roasts here. Lots of heat and then rain followed by lots of heat. Alsmost like we are been basted.

Have a nice day

Michael Manning said...

I was very heartened to read aboutKayla's trip. Exciting! I've always wanted to visit there!! Sending each of you my best wishes!

Ackworth Born said...

give your dad my best wishes for the op.

Anonymous said...