Sunday, July 15, 2007

At Seventeen

Last night, I worked a double shift. I started at 3 pm, and finished at 7 am. When I was into my 16th hour, staffing phoned and asked if I wanted to work the day shift! Someone hadn't entered the fact that I worked the night into the computer! Good job I filled out the overtime form! I turned them flat down! As it was, I would be sleeping away half of my day off.
When I got up we got ready to go to my daughters best friend's 17th birthday celebration. They have been friends for most of their lives and are like sisters.
We joined her family for a meal out. We Took her a balloon bouquet .
We had three generations of wheel chair bound guests and the restraunt gave us a great table in the alcove, so we had lots of room.
Steph's younger sister, is severely disabled. The little girl in the red dress is 14 years old next month. She is so tiny but boy is she loud! She hoots and hollers to make sure we didnt forget about her! Steph loves her dearly and she is a big help to her mum in looking after her. Watching her feed her little sister, you can see how much joy she gets from taking care of her. Steph's aunt and grandma are also in wheel chairs. So this family has alot of challenges, but they just go about their business quite cheerfully.
We pigged out and then went back to their home for cake. It was such a nice evening that we sat out on the deck with citronella candles burning to ward off the mosquitos.
There is a nice view of the mountains from there, I couldn't resist snapping a photo of the Golden Ears at dusk. Notice the plane flying over? It is incredible to see snow still on the peaks, where it is usually completely bare by now. Enlarge it for a better look. Stephanie opened her presents, and like toddlers, the girls had as much fun with the bows as with the gift. My daughter Heidi, is the one on the right.

Now its time for bed as we have a busy day out planned for tommorrow, I'll let you know all about it soon.
For now, stay safe, Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for stopping by!


deni said...

It's always nice to spend time with people we love.

As always, you take awesome pictures.

Happy Birthday to Stephanie!

Josie said...

What pretty girls...!! Oh, to be 17 again, hey?

Your photographs are always so gorgeous.


Canadian flake said...

Beautiful pics as always...glad you had a good time with your friends.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Happy birthday to Stephanie

Dina said...

Looks like you all had a great time. I love the photo of the mountains, it's wonderful when you enlargeit.

Bennu said...

We see people with challenges, don't tell them that though becuae they may prove you wrong.
Life time friends are sisters and brothers, I know, i have a few.

Lovely pictures as alway

Anonymous said...