Friday, June 22, 2007

Green Kermit Shoes

We haven't been there in a month, but I took so many photos on Granville Island, I just want to share more of them.
For such a small place, it is packed with so much eye candy making it a photographers dream. With its brightly coloured awnings, and so many interesting characters. My camera was kept busy trying to capture it all.

So she should be smiling. I would too if my man brought me flowers like these!

A sunny day in Vancouver, and every outdoor patio gets filled up with sunseekers and people watchers!

Plenty of fat pigeons reside on the island, with so many free hand outs from the visitors. The little girl has a crowd at her feet and is fast runing out of birdseed. Oh OH then what?Her grandmother looked familiar, is she a movie star or someone famous? I just thought she has that sort of look about her.

Keith and Heidi love to watch the street performers. Here they are amongst the audience. It was a couple of female jugglers, and as talented as they were, Juggling just doesnt captivate me. So, while they watched these ladies fling flaming batons, I looked around the crowd to try to sneak some shots of the crowd.

Of all the shots I got, I find this one of feet most entertaining. I loved these green Kermit shoes.


deni said...

Looks like you have been busy while I have been gone, new kittens, drums and kermit shoes, lol.

Enjoyed the pics, they were great.

Sienna said...

Great pictures Susan!

Had some catching up to do...your picture of your green son on drums is very cool, love it, and he is very handsome!

Granville Island is just so colorful and vibrant, amazing how that comes through the pics...blogger seems to be working almost normal...they seem to have fixed whatever was going down..

Dontcha love digital cameras

shoot away my man! :)


Herman Verbrugge said...
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Herman Verbrugge said...


People watching is an interesting part of photography and You have a sharp eye for details. Looking forward for more photos of Granville Island.

Penny Halston said...

Your photos capture details that others may miss. I love the shoe shot. I think I asked before, are you a professional photographer?

Vickie said...

As always I loved the pictures. You have the eye to capture interesting photos.

Loved the kittens---they are so adorable and to know Keith is such a softie----we know how to pick them---the men ---not the kittens :)

I think it showed so much about your son that he chose to hold off on the drums until he had accomplished his part of the bargain.

Thanks for all the special thoughts and comments you have sent my way recently. They are so appreciated.

Canadian flake said...

wow great pics...they are beautiful

kalyan said...

Some beautifully captured shots & it was nice reading about the place.

Brian said...

I loved the pictures and the descriptions were very vivid!

You have a great smile!

Anonymous said...