Thursday, June 21, 2007


The Incredible Hulk lives here! (Don't make him angry, you wont like him when he is angry!) All along we had been fooled into thinking that we had ourselves a handsome son. We now know better.
In November, he had asked for a drum set for Christmas. We don't spend that sort of money on gifts usually. So, being that he was very behind in his math at the time, we told him he could have the drums at Christmas so long as math was up to date. He knew someone who was selling a concert quality set. It was a great deal and he said they were going for a steal. So his Dad bought them, but gave this warning. "If I hear one single "Boom-di-di Boom" Ill turn around and sell those drums faster than you can say drumsticks!". DEAL!!!
Well Christmas came and went, low and behold, he didn't catch up by the Cool Yule, so the drums stayed stacked in the corner of his room. Christmas morning , he got new socks, underwear and bedding.
I said to his Dad, "AWW He's been working hard, lets just give them to him anyways." I was flabbergasted when Sonny Boy piped up "Mom! You are so weak. I didn't meet my end of the bargain, and I am prepared to face the consequences." My jaw hit the floor! Surely this was evidence that this boy must have an over supply of integrity!
Well, It's now the end of the school year and he has caught up, and got an A to boot!
On the last day of school, he came home and quietly assembled his drum set.
He plays them for hours and is getting really good at them. He can play them with pride, knowing he fully earned this reward.
Happy Christmas kiddo!
I am glad we sound-proofed his room when we did our renos. We can still hear the drumming, but it is muffled and not too overwhelming. He likes to open his windows, and the sound travels up to the rest of the house and neighbourhood.
Bobbie, can you hear him play?


Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

We can hear him playing here, more than 200 miles away, nice green colour.

Herman Verbrugge said...

He really looks very angry, Is that why he is so green? Nice TomTom to spread the news :-)

mom said...

Great stuff David, I''m glad he caught up, and the drumming is really quite muffled, we could only hear it faintly on our visit.

Keith is a great dad to be able to have held on to his resolve, but David really hasn't been pestering to have the drums, so he really does know the value of a promise. Good kid there! (takes after his grandma!)

Canadian flake said...

hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog (via Vickie). Loved the pic and I am proud of y'all as parents. I was a musician in my younger days and it was hard for me because my parents never supported my love of it and NEVER allowed me to practise at home. So wtg..good work. I will stop in again soon, if ya don't mind that

Monica said...

I love that post!

Kudos to Sonny Boy.

I'm going to show the picture to my daughter when she gets home...if she ends up there in Canada will you give me a call? The son is quite adorable but I think she's going to attracted to that lime-green set of drums...her favorite color.

Bobbie - said...

I can hear the sound of distant drums over the pitter-patter of the

Congrats to David on doing so well in school and holding up his end of the bargain.

Now if he could just drum up a little sunshine....

ellen said...

I admire the way you give your kids incentives to do well academically, and your son's responsible handling of the deal he made with you proves that your strategies are paying off. Good for him, and good for you.

Michael Manning said...

I loved this story of supporting your son's love of music! Good for you!!!!!

Penny Halston said...

You really know how to motivate your kids. I would never had the resolve to wait past Christmas. That's quite a responsible young man. My son is into music BIG time. He plays guitar and harmonica. A friend left his drum set at our house for 6 months. My son played them, too. I'm sure the walls and roof shook, and the neighbors could probably hear them. Most of the time, I like his music.

Josie said...

You're a good mom.

(I think I can hear him playing here in Kitsilano...:-)