Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Danny and Sasha

We have adopted two babies.

At spring report card, Heidi had fallen behind in her schoolwork.

As an incentive to get caught up, I told her she could get a kitten. To do so, she would have to complete grade 11 on time and with decent marks. Well she pulled up her socks and buckled down. Every time she started slacking off, or complaining about homework, I would just say "MEOW" and she soon got back to work. She got all caught up and even achieved the Honor of top Science 11 student in the whole school!

So yesterday, we went to the SPCA shelter. There was a litter of four kittens, five weeks old. Heidi chose a friendly, spunky little cat, the black and white one. But while we were looking, Keith was cuddling a shy , timid, all gray one. It nestled into him and hid its cute little face into the crook of this big mans arm. He suggested that Heidi choose this one instead. But she had already made up her mind. Being the tough guy that he isn't, Keith couldn't leave this shy guy behind. So, we came home with two kittens. They are good company for each other and play together so nicely.

Our resident cat, Tabby, is not amused and hisses every time she walks past them. Right now they are being kept in the bathroom with a baby gate in the door. That way they stay safely confined, but can see out at the occupants of the house. Tabby has to walk past the bathroom to get to where her food is in Heidi's room. So she is being forced to pass by them so she will soon get used to them. For now, we will keep them out of Heidi's room, so Tabby will still have that as her safe haven. We made the mistake of taking them in there for a while and Tabby was really upset and was hissing at us for an hour after wards.

The dog lays at the gate quietly watching them. They have sniffed each other through the gate and seem to be getting to know each other. He wags his tale as he looks at them, and hasn't barked at them once.

Tomorrow they go to the vets for their checkup. For now, when I need to find Heidi, I just need to look in the bathroom and there she is! She is going out of her way to give Tabby lots of attention and love. Hopeful it wont be too long before they can co-mingle!

A word of advice, never take your husband with you to pick out a kitten!


Penny Halston said...

What a cute motivator. No nagging, just a meow. Those kitties are adorable. Sounds like you've now got quite a houseful. So what inventives will you use for grade 12? Interested in a rabbit?

Bobbie - said...

The kittens are so cute. That was a great way to motivate Heidi. Even though they say they don't like cats, men are real softies when it comes to a kitten snuggling in their neck. That's why we have

Enjoy the good weather while it lasts. Hope you had a good visit with your mom and dad.

Josie said...

I wouldn't have beenable to turn down either one of those wee babies. They're beautiful...!

Isn't this summer weather (finally!) absolutely fabulous?



sharon said...

Aaaaw, I'm not a real cat person, but who can resist a couple of little baby fur balls? So cute. I'm sure tabby will get over this home invasion and learn to love these little cuties. At the very least, lets hope she learns to tolerate them. LOL

ellen said...

I loves me some kitties.

Phyllis said...

They are adorable! The gray one will probably be the most loving.

mom said...

I'm jealous, they are adorable and will surely keep Heidi occupied for the whole summer. Tabby will soon adjust but Heidi's room will always be HER territory and I'm sure she will defend it.

Wait until Heidi starts her summer volunteer work at the S.P.C.A. you will be having Heidi wanting to adopt everything in sight. Maybe she should work at McDonalds instead, at least you know that a vegetarian kid won't want to bring home hamburgers!

I've been weeding, dead heading and thinning the flower beds out since I came home, it has been hot as h---, so mainly working a few hours in the morning and again in the evening. In between, I have been sitting in front of a fan, trying to keep cool. Oh to be in the South Okanagan in the summer!!!!! Even the dogs are not pestering to go for long walks.

Canadian flake said...

Hang in there, the older cat will adjust. Years ago I had one cat. Someone left a kitten in a snowbank just outside my home in the middle of winter. I couldn't just turn a blind eye so I took her in. That did NOT go over well and I thought my old girl might actually KILL the new addition. As time went on, things settled down and they got along. The funny thing now it when my old girl got sick and had to be put down, the younger one meowed and wouldn't eat for days. They grew to love and protect each other.

Anonymous said...