Monday, March 12, 2007


The clocks went forward last night.
So now we should have the light for a bit longer. Today, I didn't notice any difference because it was so horribly cloudy, that it seemed dark all day. It POURED DOWN for a solid 24 hours. I'm talking about the kind of rain that soaks you through in about 10 seconds. YUCK!
This is the cover of Fridays local paper. Take a look at the I in the word TIMES. Notice anything ?
Yup, that's me. I'm famous. That picture was taken last month when we did our stamp and dressing demo at the mall. I guess they needed something to fill their paper! They got my surname name totally wrong, but thats ok, I dont want the taxman knowing where to find me! Heidi, noticed it. She had it cut out of the paper and ready for her scrapbook, before I even got to look at it.
I just finished my four days and now I have two days off. I;m liking this part time, its much more suited to my easy-going (read LAZY) persona. I don't like working afternoons , as I miss so much in the evenings. Kids things, My things, Cracking the homework whip, Making sure they eat a proper dinner, etc. But that being said, I like the atmosphere at work better on afternoon shift. Its quieter, no bosses and doctors, no therapists and appointments, No phone calls. And the residents go to bed early so its quieter on the call bells. Its a nice shift. But I feel more tired. Being up early in the morning for my daytime things, then up late at work. I am on the go all day. I don't want to sound whiny, but my back is aching and my feet are pounding! OK I feel better now that I shared that! LOL.
The boys had their bottle drive in the pouring rain. They made $220. I think people felt sorry for these pitiful creatures almost drowning in the rain. But they need the money so it had to be done. Er, I couldnt help them, as I had to work this evening, ahem! I'm so sorry I couldnt be there for them!
I hope it clears up tomorrow as I would love to work in the yard. If it's still yucky, I may, do some painting inside! Thats a maybe. I might just end up being a lazy cow, and curl up with a book. I have a couple that I've been wanting to get to. Theres one good thing about working weekends. When everyone else has to go to work on Monday Morning, I dont have to!


Bobbie said...

I had to run and look at the paper...I didn't even notice the picture of you before. Nice picture!

We had to bail water yesterday. The back lawn was like a lake and the water was coming up on the patio. I got soaked to the skin.

Enjoy your days off.

Deanna said...

Part time... the only way to do it!As badly as I am sick of working the weekends... I do like the quieter less stressful drive.

Congrats on being famous!

OOOOhhh.. ... ... is turning out to be such a welcome day of sunshine, even with the lake of water that even tried to build up in our back yard! I can tell the grass is growing now.

mom said...

Hi Susan, I wouldn't have noticed the headline if you hadn't pointed it out, way to go, fame at last. Was there also some sort of explanation in the paper?

We had a great time in Seattle, rained almost non stop, ran out of the rain and into sunshine as we headed east, coming home. No rain here during our absense and another beautiful day today, ohh how I love the Okanagan.

It has been generally too cold for much in the way of greenery here, but the sunshine has brought out all our crocus. In Seattle the blossom was all out and daffodills all over the place, but beaten down with the heavy rain. My pussy willow is starting to show, but no other blossom yet, we are still getting chilly nights and still light our fire each evening. Lovely to be outside until 7.00pm though, it is nearly spring!!!

Josie said...

It snowed here in Vancouver as I was on my way to work today... sigh.

You're famous ! :-)


Evan said...

Did I read to fast? You didn't say why you were moonlighting as am 'I' in the 'Times'! My guess is that last friday was International Woman's Day (I think) and that was some kind of tribute to women...

what do you think?

Gary said...

It has been raining a lot here in Houston the last few days, andthe ground is so saturated. It is heavy clay, so I shouldn't even walk on it. It will be a few days before I can garden again. But at least my back isn't hurting and my feet aren't pounding.

ellen said...

That is so cool, that you got into the paper's headline like that.

Monica said...

Better let hubby know he has a celebrity on his hands, and a headliner to boot! Pretty cool. :)

sharon said...

I love having Mondays off, too. It's great to be able to go to the mall or something without having to fight the crowds.
Man, that rainfall was a doozie, eh? Lot's of flooding in some areas. Cars have been stranded in the middle of a lake in the road.

Nice day today, though. I can feel spring coming our way!

Sienna said...

Susan, feel free to send the rain, any rain...ha haa...and in return I will send you clear blue skies and sunshine, about 100f here today. The bulk of work is done early, early morning and evening.

What a great thing to feature the volunteers in the paper name like that, very cool...You are the "I"

Great, generous, hearted people, volunteers...and days off are so good, recharge batteries and stuff.


Walker said...

That's so cool and not just a headline but the top of the paper.
So how many copies do you have stashed in the closet LOL

Brian said... go girl. Fame comes and surely fortune follows. :)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...