Sunday, March 18, 2007


Heidi had to do a watercolour for art. I went to Mich*eals and got her proper watercolour paper, the paints and a nice pack of brushes. Which only cost about the same as buying the crappy brandname version at Wal*mart.
First I got her to look closely at some of Grandads watercolours that I have hanging in the house. Showed her how he washed in the background, and built it up to the more detailed features. We got set up at the table, with newspaper spread out and waterbowls and tissue paper for blotting. She was reluctant to get started because she "didn't know how to do it" she was adamant she could only draw and didn't like painting. When she makes up her mind that she "Cant" do something, she takes some convincing to get her to try it. So I made it a joint project. We both sat down to do our own watercolour, which I have never done either. In high school we used acrylics, which is totally different. So it was a first for both of us. Picking a subject was easy, she wanted to paint her cat. What else? So we did the same picture. She saw the cat through the window sitting on the deck rail. Thats what she would paint!
HEIDI"S PAINTING. Click it to big it!
I absolutely SUCKED! my picture looked heavy and childish, I opted to do a picture of my old marmelade cat Grandville. She thought I was doing a crappy painting just to make her feel like she could do better. Honestly, I was trying! Hers is the one with the brown tabby cat. It turned out fantastic. After she gets it marked, its getting framed so she can hang it in her room. She takes after her Great Grandpa!


Walker said...

Personally I think you both did great.
I have learned that unless you try you don't know what you are capaple of.
I tried painting once and my art teacher said I had potetial and invited me over to paint his house.

have a nice day.

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

your cat looks more like our old Teddy that used to lean on the fridge door, always hungry.

Bobbie said...

A great way to spend a day with your daughter! The paintings turned out good and Heidi should get a good mark on hers.

Have a good Sunday!

Anonymous said...