Saturday, March 10, 2007


It was Flyball today. It's called that because the ball seems to fly through the air as do the dogs. The balls do not have flies on them!
Our team is called the Ridge Runners.
It was our first practice since before winter. The dogs needed alot of coaching to get back into it, but after a few runs they were picking it up again.There are four dog teams. They have to run over four hurdles, jump on a springboard to release a ball, they catch it and turn around, go back over the hurdles and then the next dog goes. Its great exercise for both the dogs and the people. We had a few new dogs joined ,which will make it even more fun. Three boarder collies and a sheep dog and a gorgeous retriever. They all seem to have a natural ability, so we may actually get to compete this season. But we do it for fun. Whether we compete or not is just a bonus. The dogs have a blast. It is a great family activity.
Its so nice when the children get in there, helping to train. These photos are from last season. We have moved locations. We now practice at the all weather field behind Planet Ice. It is a lot drier and more even ground than the Albion Fair Grounds.

Deni's Springer, Glory just had pups, at this rate she could start her own team! Pat in Austrailia, has a dog that would be perfect for flyball, the dog in her March 9th post, could clear the hurdles no problem. Deannas Mom just got a gorgeous new dog. I bet he may like to come out to play on Saturday mornings.

I have to work afternoon shift all weekend, so I'd better go and get some things done before I leave. Have a great Sunday every one.


Bobbie said...

That seems like a lot of fun for the dogs. Aren't you glad that you don't have to jump over the hurdles!

The post about England was great. Good pictures!

Have a good weekend.

Sienna said...

Now that is pure fun!
What a great idea, adults, kids and dogs...we built a dog gymnasium here, similar concept, hurdles, drums, climbs, tyres just to work (read teach and play) the puppies for commands, co ordination, balance and working with people in positive reinforcement before they even see a sheepyard or sheep.
The expressions on those dogs and people are priceless.

Smalltown RN said...

I have never heard of that. Looks like fun for both pet and owner. thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday for the photo hunt. Just getting around to visiting worked all day...


deni said...

I think our Wizard would love that!

I think our pups are half English Bulldog, what a combo, huh?

Walker said...

Doess looke like fun and something the kids could get into.
I have seen some of the frsby competitions but not what you do.
As soom as those pups grow they'll be chasing Deni out of the house not a tennis ball LOL

Have a nice day

ellen said...

What greater joy is there, than to watch dogs at play?

Jenny Gail said...

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Anonymous said...