Friday, March 02, 2007

Beach People

Today I went back to work. I missed two days due to this cold. I feel a lot better, though not yet 100%, but enough to drag my butt to work! I missed the Hockey game last night. I probably could have gone and enjoyed it, but I figured I would sure not have made it to work today had I sat rink side for three hours and then not got to bed until midnight. So Keith took a friend instead, who I know really enjoyed the night out. I got the pleasure of siting fireside and watched the game on TV in the comfort of my recliner, no lineup at the washroom and the tea was free!
Ive had my camera for almost a month now, I am having such a lot of fun with it.
One of the nicest traits of a zoom lens is being able to photograph the unsuspecting public. Like these folks feeding the Gulls at White Rock. I didn't Zoom in on them. But I could have, had I wanted to!!!

There are all sorts of debates on what constitutes invasion of privacy. It is perfectly legal to take a photo of anyone in Canada in a public place. But at the same time, I try to be mindful to be discrete, as it can make folks uncomfortable to be photographed by a stranger. Especially when children are involved.
Click to enlarge this one so you can get a good look at this little guys hat! "Aww, isn't that nice?"
The human form is one of Gods Creations and I love being able to photograph people engaged in candid activities. No forced smiles, just natural faces. The love for each other and the enjoyment of being with others, or even the bliss of solitude, captured by the shutter.
These are some of the first photos I took with my new camera. I hadn't figured out most of the settings at this point so these were taken on the auto setting. Since then I have figured out how to adjust the exposure! I know, I'm a total genius!
Some of these have been edited on my Adobe Photoshop. It was fairly overcast this day, so I had to lighten up some of them.
I love this one, the little guy and his dad having such a good time kicking the ball around on the beach. But junior pulls his special move when Dad got too competitive. "Aww! Isn't that nice?"

These boys reminded me of my own two sons at that age. Just seems like yesterday that they were exploring the beach and turning over rocks to hunt for creatures. "Aww! Isn't that nice?" They do grow up fast.
Here two more lads try climbing the famous White Rock with a little help from their dad. "Aww! Isn't that nice?" The one at the bottom is saying "Dad, once he's up on top, lets take off and get fish and chips, there will be more for us with just two of us sharing. We can come back for him after!"
And this guy? Well he's just an idiot. Who else would want to be in the ocean in February? He is wearing a wet suit, but still!!! That water is freezing even in August! He was just learning and fell in so many times. But, He was out there, just him and the sea, enjoying himself, no doubt. Sure beats staying home doing chores! I hope he had change for Hot Chocolate when he was done!
This is what life is about. Getting out and enjoying each other, and enjoying the beauty around us. I feel sorry for those kids who's parents just stay home all the time. A trip to the beach is just the cost of gas and a few sandwiches. Anyone can afford it. And if not, then surely a family walk to the nearest park would suffice? It will create a lot more benefits and memories than sitting in front of a Game*Boy or Nin*tendo. You won't see too many pictures of children curled up with their controllers that make you say,
"Aww , isn't that nice?"


Chana said...

first let me thank you for sharing your heart with me. you give it kindly and freely and it means the world to me that i know how you care and i have your friendship. thank you for the bottom of my heart. i take your wisdom very seriously and i can't thank you enough for helping always in everything.

i'm truly sorry that you feel sick. i know how much you have gone through in the last couple of months and i look at you in awe for you always sound so strong and fullof courageful. i do hope you feel better soon..i can't imagine how hard it is to be on your feet for so many hours and not only that but looking after the ill when you yourself is feeling awful.

your pics are gorgeous. i am sure your camera is great but i know it's the eye behind it that is providing us with such beauties. you captured the family and the love and the connection of so many. i'm so impressed of how beautiful you take pics.

much love and many thanks and hugs and kisses galore.

Bobbie said...

Sorry you had to miss the game and hope you feel better soon. It seems like this cold-flu thingy lingers on forever.

I haven't been to WhiteRock for a long time, and I think I'm going to put it on my 'things to do' list! Your pictures are great.

Take care and have a good weekend.

Josie said...

Your pictures are gorgeous, and it's nice to see pictures like that of our own area. White Rock is so beautiful. I had no idea the actual white rock was so big.

What kind of camera do you have? I'm planning to buy a camera soon. I just have my click and point instamatic at the moment, but it actually takes good pictures.

I hope you're feeling better soon. Did you get much snow out your way the other day?


OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

I have a pic of andrew and david looking into the pond at the motel about ten years ago, if I can find it , it will make a good post.

Im glad that Chana is back with her comments on our blogs

mom said...

Hi Susan, lovely post, lovely pics. I am so glad that you are enjoying your camera. Sorry to hear that your flu' is still lingering. I think you are run down and need to take a bit of time for yourself. Sorry you missed the game, but better to enjoy it in the comfort of your own living room.

Your day at the beach was lovely and, like you say, costs nothing for a family to go there. Remember how many 'free' outings we all had when you were young. I'm glad that you all inherited dads and my appreciation for the outdoors. Walking along the beach or the river makes me feel close to God, being outside enjoying his handywork, creates a much more spiritual feeling in me than going to Church. I have all my best conversations with him, when I am outdoors.

Take care, love you.

Anonymous said...