Saturday, March 03, 2007

Games People Play

Keith has been taking flying lessons. In a couple of days , he has learned to fly, an ultralight, a helicopter and a 747. He catches on fast. The cool thing is, he can fly over anywhere on earth. Yes indeed, right from the comfort of his computer!
He got a new game called Flight Simulator. Its like a souped up version of Google Earth. You can see all the details of any city on earth from the pilots seat! He's been retracing our trip around London and Ireland, a couple of years ago. He's up over Greenwich at the moment. He looks funny as his head keeps twisting in all kinds of odd angles to keep his eyes level with the horizon as he maneuvers the skies! I keep telling him to hurry, because we have Blog plans for dinner. Josie is having us and a few other folks over for dinner tonight. Looks like we will have to go in the helicopter, as she live right downtown, and we can't land the concord on her front street! Josie, I hope you have a landing pad on top of your building. You will have to read Josie's blog to understand this post.
While Keith is playing Pilot, the kids are out in the living room playing a new game called Catan. Cities and Knights. You wont find this on the shelf at Wal*mart, besides Mono*poly and Twis*ter. Its a novelty game. My son and his friends buy games from an elite gaming shop in Vancouver. They like playing all sorts of games with maps, based on history. They also enjoy Dungeons and Dragons. They get together at least once a week to have a session. I love that they enjoy playing games and hanging out at home, whether it be ours or a friends. When so many 19 year olds are out clubbing on Saturday night, these guys are here.
My sweet little baby girl is still determined to go to naval base training for the whole summer. She will learn to live off the land, repel up and down a cliff, do intense physical training, learn to march for miles! Learn to handle a firearm. She will also spend time on a frigate (not sure of that spelling). She will also spend a week familiarizing herself with aboriginal heritage. Why the last bit? How does native history have anything to do with military training? Well the program is called Camp Raven. It is for children of aboriginal families. (Keith is Metis) Only a few kids are chosen, so we will have to see if she is one of the lucky ones. None of her friends want to go, this is so unlike her, but she is really hyped. And she's NOT playing games with me.
Ok. Keith finaly stopped flying high and now he is practicing his online guitar lesson. Isnt he cute? The next Tim McGraw! And you will be able to say you knew him before he was famous!
Yes folks the Saturday nights around here are pretty wild!
My game? Is blogging a game? I like playing that. I have recently opened an account with Flickr and I am enjoying playing with it. It's a great way to store photos on the web. I am in the process of uploading some of my favorite photos. You can access my photos through the little Flickr Flasher in my side bar. You can browse through them or set it to slideshow. Be sure to check it often for updates.
Okay time to get dressed for the dinner party! Think Ill slip into my PJs and fuzzy house coat. Are you playing games tonight?


Chana said...

my 2 little ones are in Canmore with my sis and her 2 say they are in heaven is an understatement. my oldest came home after 9 from a day with his best say he had a great time, it's an the middle 2 and i decided to order Pizza Hut and we tried the cheesy bite pizza that is all the fuzz..well, it sucked..for the life of me i cannot believed we payed over 20 bucks for that! not one of us like it enough to try it again..anyhooo, then when the oldest came home we had a Shaw on Demand movie, Devil Wears Prada and had a nice date was nice and cozy, eating on my bed and watching some silly, it's what is all about!!!!

my online anything is blogging too..but i know so many like your hubby that do so much online..when he takes you over in a real plane, stop by and pick me up pls, lol..

photowannabe said...

Hey Susan, great post. Love your hubby and his guitar lessons. I hadn't thought about doing that online, but its a inexpensive way to learn.
My picture is of ukeleles. We have some Hawaiian friends who were having a jam session. Super stuff.
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. Come back anytime. I love doing this blog thing.

Smalltown RN said...

Sounds like you have a full and happy household.....and everyone so interesting in a variety of things that is so cool. Josie's for dinner...why I am jealous. I love visiting Josie...she always has so many wonderful things to talk about.

Your photos are spectacular...very impressed. As for the guitar...I bought my hubby one for his Birthday, he said is so wanted one...he has barely picked it up...hmmmm think I am going to have to find the web site for lessons and start teaching myself. Where did your hubby find that similator site? My hubby is half way through his pilots licence...he would find that really cool.....

sharon said...

I love your daughters determination, drive and guts. I hope she's chosen to participate. When someone has a passion for something, they are one step ahead of most people who are floundering around trying to figure out what interests them. You must be very proud and excited for her.

Walker said...

I have played the origional game but it was obvious that drinking and flying didn't mix, so I started blogging instead.

Anonymous said...