Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Imagine you are standing here turning in a clockwise circle. Admire the view along with us.

Yesterday I woke up with an awful cold. It was so bad that I dosed myself up with Neo*Citrin and went unconcious most of the day in an attempt to sleep it off. What a waste of a day off. It was snowy and cold so it was actually kind of nice to be able to curl up beside the fire and suffer in relative comfort!
This morning, the awful sinus ache had gone but I am still coughing and sneezing and using my quota of tissues. It was a gorgeous clear, bright morning, which does alot to make me feel better. We bundled up and headed out to the dike. Nothing like sun and fresh air to clear the head.
Binzen always gets excited when we both go for walkies with him, as they are usually much longer when we both go. He doesn't mind swimming in water that has ice along its banks!
The dusting of snow that we got yesterday is almost gone from the ground, but is still low on the hills making for a lovely winter scene. How can you live here, surrounded by all this beauty and not feel uplifted on a day like this. This is my medicine. My daily dose of tranquillity.

These photos were all taken from the same area in a clockwise turn. With the first one facing Burke Mountain in the North-West. The second one, with Keith saluting you, is more of a directly North shot. The third shot, panning around to the Golden Ears Mountains in the North-East. The black and white, is of Mount Baker, which shows from the South, across the boarder in the United States. It is actually a Volcano. Panning slightly futher to the South-West is this farm with no mountains in sight behind it. Keep heading that way and you get out to the South Fraser Valley.
Tommorrow its back to work and the usual grind. I have my review with my boss in the morning. I hope this cold has cleared up a bit more for that! Keith was given a bonus at work. The company has some seasons tickets for the Vancouver Canucks. They are really good seats, in the fifth row! He got the tickets for an upcoming game as a thanks for working so hard lately. Ive never been to a live NHL game, it should be lots of fun!


OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

We also got some snow this morning but it didnt last long and melted very fast, which indicates that spring cant be far away.
Today, I was going somewhere and without my camera of course and guess what....4 bald eagles on the ice on a small lake near here, I will go back in the morning and see if they are still there, they have been there several days I was told.

deni said...

What a beautiful place you live in.

I hope your cold gets better and your review goes really well.


Susan Jones said...

Fantastic photos! I enjoyed the visit, thank you for sharing!

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Wow - 5th row - that's awesome! Thanks for the nice comment on Hugo :) Good luck with the review tomorrow.

B said...

you have a good eye for photography.

thanks again for the kind words on my blog.

big smoochies.

Josie said...

Omigosh, I recognize those mounains... :-) Beautiful photographs! Thank you for visiting my blog, and come back any time.


Bobbie said...

Great photos! The weather lately has been great for 'walkies' - snow flurries and all!

Have a great Thursday!

Chana said...

oh my sweet i'm so sorry you are sick again..you have done your quota already with the coughing spill...let's start with the important stuff: here are some hugs!!!lots of them!!

what gorgeous pics you got here. whew, your dad watch out, you are posting awesome pics too..i can see the talent runs in the family.

i read the message you left for Beverly. you made me cry for your kindness and thoughtfulness was just so touching. i'm so lucky for i have a bunch of such wonderful friends..

hope you feel well soon my dear. God Bless..