Monday, February 05, 2007

Old Friends

Its still the same old me, just changed the background colour to make the photos stand out nicer. Of course my links have to be updated now, but Ill get around to that in a while. It needed updating anyways!

Today I was prompted to post this......

People come in and out of our lives. Some are there for all of our lives, some just a brief encounter, and others, somewhere in between. Have you ever met someone for just a few minutes,that made a lasting impression? Perhaps that passenger that sat next to you on a bus. Or the old gentleman who helped you with your bags when you were also juggling three kids. Maybe a teacher or a neighbor.Those people are all real time folks. Physically present in your world, for however long that presence may be.
This is Katie. She lived near my Aunties house where I spent a part of summer, just before our move to Canada. We were both nine years old, connected instantly and were inseparable for two weeks. We remained in touch by letters for a couple of years after we emigrated. But somehow that fizzled out and we lost touch. All I have now, are some fond memories and this photo. this was sent to me in one of her letters. Of course she is at Stonehenge in this shot. This was before they put up a barrier to keep people from touching the stones. I love this photo and I have it framed in our office. Funny isn't it to have a picture of someone who may not even remember me?

Speaking of old friends, I had one get in touch with me today. David from the blog 'Texas Ocean-Lovers Lament', dropped me a comment. He hasn't blogged since October. A barrage of family difficulties have been weighing on him and taking alot of his time. If you ever read David and wondered about why he hasn't been around, drop in and read his latest post. Its nice to know that he is ok.
There are others who come into our blog life and somehow just stop posting and commenting with little explanation, like a couple of my favorites who are missing in action. Tab, the Cupcake Monkey and also The Race. Do you know where they are? Also Barbara from Seeking Serenity, had to stop her blog for personal reasons but if you read this Barb. I miss Ya.

These blog friends are friends on a different level. But no less cared about than the friends we meet in person. When they 'disappear off the Blog' other bloggers worry about them.

So just remember my dear Blog Buddies, keep in touch.


Monica said...

Wasn't it awesome hearing from David?

Hope things are going well for you. I sent you an email. :)

Cristina said...

Hi Susan, just visiting from photowannabe's blog. Just wanted to say how I really like that daisy with the blue background. This was very touching. Wonderful photo.

Ms. Vickie said...

A great post---speaking of friends tell your sister we miss her around her.

Take care friend, I am glad to have you in my life.