Sunday, February 04, 2007

Port Mann

This is the Port Mann Bridge. The closest bridge to Maple Ridge to cross the Fraser River. Taken here from the Port Coquitlam side, looking east, towards Surrey.
This was last Friday afternoon. A slight haze made for a nice muted light. Log booms line the edges of the water. Stored there until the mill is ready to process them.
Despite the fact that there is so much traffic going through here , there are many birds and small animals living along these banks. Often times seals will come this far inland when the fish are running up river. Not far from here, a tug boat operater said he saw a grey whale in the river last week. That isn't a common occurance, so everyone was out loooking to see the whale that day. Since long before Port Coquitlam even had a name, settlers used this water course as a means of transporting goods and supplies. All along this area there are remains of ruined docks.
This photo of Keith under the bridge is taken beside a little boat launch area. It is a popular spot for some of the loacals to cast off for a Sunday boat ride. The currant in this river is very strong. It is tidal so can have dangerous undertows. Occasionally, people have been known to get dragged along and then trapped under the log booms.
I love the shape of this bridge. It has a nice curve on its approach. I guess my Dads fascination with bridges has rubbed off on me. They are interesting to photograph. He collects photos of bridges. Wherever he goes , if he knows of a bridge in the area, he will go out of his way to see it. Funny, the things that people like , isnt it?
Well today is our Davids 18th Birthday. I am making a Roast Beef and Yorkshire puddings. The two vedgetarians will have to suffer tonight. When asked what he wanted for his birthday dinner he said MEAT! I guess we dont eat much of it these days and he really misses it. I'm off to get stuck in the kitchen for a while now.
Have a good night.


lynn said...

Can't beat Roast Beef & yorkshires. I'm with him! (can i come?)

deni said...

Happy Birthday, David!!

Those pics are really nice, I like the misty, muted look.

David said...

Just an old friend stopping by to say hello. Nice pictures.