Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My First Time.

This is what I was looking at the first time I did it.

NO! Its not my bedroom wall! All you folks whos minds are in the gutter, can just pull them right back into your head where they belong!
This is what I looked at the first time I peeked through the view finder of my new camera. This is the first phoot that I took with it. You would have thought I would have had more interesting subject matter.
On Friday, I finally did it. I have been wanting, no, needing a more powerful camera for a while. Afterall, how can I expect my career as a successful independant photographer to get anywhere with my lil ole point and shoot? Yes, My dream is to be able to make a living with my camera. Hey, I can dream, OK!
I love my old camera and have had alot of fun with it. But the zoom is almost nothing. It is also limited in the enlargement capacity.
When I got it home, I unpacked it and this wall of art was the first thing in my line of sight. (Actually, these pictures are all quite facinating as they are all original art, depicting the old homestead from when Keiths Mothers ancectors first settled in Canada. But im wandering off topic.)
I have never been very good at the technical end of things. I think I do ok with composition etc. But I dont have a clue about the business end of a camera. The good thing about this new camera, is that although it has alot of high tech features. It also has an automatic mode which is nice to use while I learn the rest of it. I am signed up for classes, where I bought it, to learn more and hope it will make a difference in the quality of my pictures. This is more info on it for any other photography enthusiasts. So far I really like it.
Pana*sonic FZ50
(actual size) User Profile
• a quality 10.1 MP resolution digital SLR camera (ISO 100).
• DSLR-like handling and controls: zoom ring, manual focus ring, shutter-speed and aperture command dials.
• LCD that flips out and rotates for comfortable high and low-angle shooting.
•fast response times with no practical shutter lag.
• fast and precise auto and manual focus.
• full-featured digital camera with many pro features.
• long 12x optical image stabilized zoom lens.
• ability to add on optional accessories, including powerful external flash.


dee said...

I've always been impressed with your photos as they are just fantastic!

I got a great camera a few years ago, but I really don't have an artist's eye with the darn thing. I know what I want but haven't a clue how to set up the composition to reflect the image I have in my mind's eye.

So, I am guessing with this new camera you're definitely on your way to your dream. I think you've got the gift, so go for it!


Deanna said...


This is a clear cut case of keeping up with the JONE'S...now I have to get out there and get my big lense!!!

chosha said...
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chosha said...

Now that title was just cheeky!

Man, I SOOO want a 12x zoom. Getting my 6x camera after having a camera that didn't zoom at all was like going from carob to real chocolate. It's like a drug - I can never seem to get enough zoom, haha. I guess as long as zoom stays legal I'm okay. :)

bcwhite said...

12x zoom? That would be equivalent to a 600mm lens on a film camera. That's huge!

Let's see... That means your lens is collecting 1/12 as much light so either your shutter has to stay open 12x as long or you get 12x as much noise in your picture.

And, in practice, you'd have to reduce your shutter time by 1/12 at that zoom to avoid a blurry photo due to camera shake. After doing that, you'd be getting 1/24 as much light on your sensor, thus increasing noise by 24x after amplification. That might be okay on a sunny afternoon, but no other time.

Photography is all about trade-offs: shutter speed, aperture (and thus depth-of-field), zoom, sharpness, noise/grain, and cost. You won't be able to change any of these without affecting at least one other.

Bottom line: move closer.