Friday, February 23, 2007


Yesterday on our trip through Stanley Park. The sun was shining, it was cool but calm. Barely a breeze off the ocean. The sea was as still as it ever gets. Be-lying the furious storms that battered this region last month.
Bobbie asked me if I shot any of the wind damage in Stanley park. I did get a few shots. But it is difficult to really capture the magnitude of the damage.
The best way besides driving through the park, would be to fly over it. The very worst hit spot is just by the Lions Gate Bridge. The section of the seawall below the bridge remains closed to pedestrians. The parking lot there at Prospect Point is being used as a storage for fallen logs. These are just the few cleared from nearby roads to allow traffic through. There are an estimated five thousand downed trees.

This tree was right at the side of the road. To see the shallow roots, it isn't surprising that so many fell. Thankfully, such heavy winds that were responsible for this havoc, are very rare for this part of the country. It sure gives you an appreciation for the might of nature and how easily our world can be turned upside down.

Looking over the edge of the cliff,(from behind the safety rail), you can see down onto the seawall, that trees are still laying on it. Also there are several tree leaning precariously, that will have to be removed also.
This 100 year old memorial to a sunken ship, was surrounded by fallen trees. It was quite inspiring to see that this dear cross escaped damage so narrowly.


Libbys Blog said...

My goodness, it is such a shame when so many beautiful trees get 'blown' down!! Amazing how the memorial was undamaged!!

Vickie said...

It always takes my breath away when I see damage to so many strong trees --natures takes a beating but still holds strong. I think there was a message in the fact the memorial was left standing....history is our roots and they run deep so they ground us and hold us....

Thank you for sharing this photos.

Bobbie said...

Thanks for posting the pictures Susan. It must have been quite awe-inspiring to see the damage in person. I's remarkable that the memorial was left standing with trees falling all around.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Walker said...

This only goes to show how powerful mother nature could be when she wants to.
Great pictures

Have a nice weekend

sharon said...

It is sad to see all the damage that has been done in a park that so many of us have enjoyed for so many years. I guess it's part of the circle of life. Those trees have been there for so long, I can't believe how much damage was done.

Great pics as usual, Susan. I'm glad your getting lots of use out of your new toy!

Curtis said...

Sure doesn't look the same as when we saw it a few years ago. That's a bad part about pine trees is that they have shallow roots.

deni said...

I really love the picture of the lake, it's so pretty and serene.

Dick said...

We were amazed a few weeks ago when we took a country drive, getting off the freeway, and saw how many trees were down and how much standing water there was all over the place. Just when I start to think we are about into spring, I get another surprise like the snow that came last Friday morning. It was gone by noon but before that it had everything covered and was real impressive as it fell. I am more than ready for SPRING!