Friday, February 23, 2007

Free or not, in Stanley Park.

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This statue is of Harry Jerome, a record breaking runner, in the 60's.
He looks so light on his feet. Almost appears to be close to airborne.
I sense freedom when I look at this sculpture. As though he is running for the sheer joy of feeling the wind against his face.
Below are some creatures that we saw at the park today.
Which ones are free?
This little cheeky squirrel is!
And so is this Great Blue Heron. Looks like he is waiting for a bit of lunch to swim along.
This mallard is free. Though awfully busy preening and keeping himself pretty.

This 675Kg Sea Lion Is not free. We would never get an opportunity to see such a creature this close if he were out in the wild, would we? I wouldn't really want to get this close to a wild one, they are huge and can move very quickly!
This little seal, shares the pool with the big sea lion. They are very common in our local waters and we often see them in our local fresh waters, which is an hours drive inland. (for people that is, the seals have to swim and I have no clue how long it takes them). Last summer Heidi was swimming at a Vancouver beach and a big seal popped up right beside her, looked at her face to face and then dived off. She could have reached out and touched it, if she hadn't been so surprised! Although that was a brief encounter, it sure is nice to see them out at sea.
This Black Capped Chickadee is free (as a bird, if you will). He is so used to people , that he is quite tame. Here the cheeky fellow discards a broken peanut. The pigeons can have that one, he only wants the whole nuts!
It was a lovely day out. When we got home, My 16 year old daughter announced that she wants to go to military camp over the summer!
My thoughts on that later, when I get over the shock!


Curtis said...

I just love looking at your photos. Brings a smile to my face.

ellen said...

Great animal pictures.

Bobbie said...

The picture of the bird eating out of your hand is great. Did you get any pictures of the wind damage in the park?

T.G.I.F. Have a great day!