Monday, November 27, 2006

Snowy Sunrise

Looking from my bedroom window. We live in suberbia, but this shot really shows off all the mature trees we have in our neighbourhood.

A little more snow overnight. In some areas, schools are closed, but much to the dissapointment of my dear youngsters, Maple Ridge School District is tougher than most! So off they went in their boots! I think they were enjoying their walk to school. The snow has stopped falling, the sun is peeking out. They are predicting an arctic front is coming in and minus 10 will start to feel like minis 20! Lucky for me, I am off work, today and tommmorrow, so the worst of it should be cleared up by the time I need to go to work. Untill then, its a good chance to catch up on things around here!

Here's another comparison of....

Which do you prefere?
I love all the seasons. But our snowy times are brief, maybe thats why I enjoy it. If we had months of snow and cold, maybe Id not be so enthusiastic about it. But as it is, I cant get over the beauty of the white stuff.
Hope you are keeping warm, wherever you are.
Kayla was on MSN the other night. I chatted briefly with her. She was on a day pass at home, celebrating her dads birthday. She enjoyed a nice family night. She sure is a trooper. Last week she needed another blood transfusion as her blood counts were low. She remained tired and they realized her potassium was low too. This chemo really does brutal things to her bodies natural chemical balance. But she is in good hands, and is happy to be going home at the end of her long day at the hospital. She has five days in a row where she s up early to get her treatments. Kayla is one who loves to sleep in so I know she will be happy when this course is over.


Dick said...

I am tired of our snow already. Of course it didn't help when my cousin from Yuma, AZ sent me their weather reports for four days starting yesterday when it was 72F down there. And I'll bet they didn't have ANY snow!

Chana said...

honey we are in a deep freeze. our temps are hovering around the -41 right is scarily cold here again..we have had 3 deaths too the news say..

i love the view from your window. i think i would spend much of my resting time there imagining being up in the mountains somewhere..i'm glad you have that view but are warm inside.

take care.

Monica said...

Glad Kayla is getting a semblance of normality again.

The weatherman said a wordy dird...only cause we think he's fibbing and teasing but this weekend he said, he said...he said...s...n...o...w

Jeanette said...

Those snow photo's are gorgeous and would make a pretty christmas card well our summer stars on the 1st of December but we have had a very hot spring today at this moment 3pm its 37c=99f expecting 43c=108f bloody hot tomorrow' take care keep warm

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

Snow, how much did you get, we had about 4 inches but it was about minus 10 celsius today so the snow is crunchy to walk on. We drove to Penticton today, main roads ok and quiet, most cars stayed home, we have snow tyres, sure make a difference, no skidding around.

Walker said...

It's good to hear Kayla gets to go home for a break and away from her prison.
She is a trooper.

Snow you have to remind me of snow.
The scenery is beautiful so is the snow in the picture.
It always looks better in pictures LOL
Have a nice day

Deanna said...

hey there long time friend... thanks for thinking of me the other day. Last week was an icredibly long week, and I am glad to say that it is over and done with. You know... my mom and I both talked about it... and she said the same thing I did... we didn't cry this much when her husband died! Very bizarre, but very enlightening.. I am very glad to know that I am very much like her! Thanks for sending people my way...that was very sweet.

In other things:

I am glad to hear that Kayla was able to visit for her Dad, and things have taken an upswing for her. I hope she continues to plug along at a steady and positive pace.

AND!!!! Don't you just love the currently crazy weather we are having... although... I am not big into cold ONE I OTA!... but I like the pictures that it produces. I can say this because I have a vehicle that doesn't mind snow... now that it is put back together again.

HeatherinBeautifulBritishColumbia said...

I'm loving every minute of the snowy conditions too. We must have had 18 inches overall - it's slowly getting plowed and shovelled out of the way but sounds like it will be around for a while - whoopee!

Meow said...

Wow, that all looks so beautiful, but sooooo cold ... brrrr. I can't imagine spending weeks and months in the snow ... it must be wonderful.
We are enjoying warm almost summer weather here ... it will be in the high 30s (celcius) on Thursday ... I think that's around, or over, 100F.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow

deni said...

That first picture looks like a postcard, it is so pretty.

No snow at all here, it's been in the 70's.

I continue to pray for Kayla!

Anonymous said...