Sunday, November 26, 2006

Remember When...

Remember when....................


looked like this?
And when.......
the clothing was a little scantier? The thought of sitting outside half naked seemed like a fine idea?
Was that only two months ago?
Summer is long gone, fall just a memory.
Last night winter officially pounced upon us.

After I got home from work, I snatched up my camera an took a few shots.
This is the view from my front window today!

Its just a little at the time being, but its piling up slowly, with the weather man predicting 30 cm by tommorrow. Thats about a foot for you American folks.
We dont often get snow so early in the year, its so beautiful.
Heidi took this photo of the fire hydrant. Anyone see any yellow snow here?

This is the view down my street this evening. You have to know that the folks out in Toronto are loving this turn of events. They are sitting pretty with mild temperatures still.
Welcome Winter!!!!!!
OH one more thing. If you get a chance,,, please go say hi to Deanna who is going through a sad time this week. Tell her I sent ya.


Bobbie said...

My sister in Ottawa phoned yesterday and offered to send me a snow shovel. They're having a chuckle back east about our snow. But we'll get the last laugh when we're cutting our lawns in March and they're still shovelling snow.

Take care on the roads and enjoy the winter beauty while it lasts.

Tab said...

Hi Susan my fellow BC'ian blogger!
Hope you are keeping safe and warm.
The power is out here and there but we are ok..are you ? Guess if you are reading this you
Keep safe.We got the MAJOR cold on it's way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sharon said...'s been coming down steadily, eh? Alicia's school is open too, though she listened to every radio station there is this morning hoping for a break. Drive safely!