Monday, October 16, 2006


Have you ever wondered what Canadian teenagers do for fun? Perhaps I am erronious to suggest that my son and his friends are typical. Let me just say they weren't studying in the library. If you view this, please keep in mind that David has a broken nose and was warned by the doctor to be cautious not to bump his nose for three to four months. This is what David and his friends did on lunch break today. Click here to view the You Tube. (BTW WALKER, you may note the startling lack of snow in this clip! And long sleeves too, for that matter. Hope your cats help to keep you warm out there!)

In news slightly more electrifying...
Our renos are back in progress. We took the summer off for a much needed break. A break for my handyman husbands sanity and his bank account also. This weekend cost $1400. For wire and electrical renos. I mentioned that we closed the garage in June.

Now we have it all wired up. Just a bit of drywall and a lick of paint and presto. Well maybe a laminate floor layed down and a closet built in and the heat connected. Just a few little things like that and David will have a new bedroom. He is looking forward to having the extra space. So much so, that he helped keith all weekend. David wants to be an electrician so he was a big help . He drilled all the holes in the studs and threaded all the wires through. They spent about 10 hours each day down there. The big electrical job was installing a sub panel and threading that fat cable through the ceiling.

This is the view from Carols living room. She put up dust barriers and has everything draped to attempt to hold back the dust. Probably a futile endevour, as that dust gets in everything. They ripped out the remaining walls in my old laundry room. Here Andrew ponders the laundering situation. What to do with the dirty socks ? This boy is particular about having everything in its place. The machines are all disconnected awaiting the big move to the new laundry room. Good job I was caught up on the wash before the big unplug happened.

This is Andrews newly painted room with the curtains that I made him. Another couple of weeks and hopefully Davids new room will be just as finished.


Bobbie said...

YouTube has become so popular. I'm glad that nobody got hurt in the 'people bowling' but you know - boys will be boys!!

Major reno's going on at your house. It's going to be great once it's all finished.

Take care and have a good week.

zingtrial said...

Hi liked watching it and you know boys will be boys.He!He!He! letting steam off.
Your house looks like it is going through a big change.Show is pic's when it is all done. :) .
Thanks for sharing.
Wish you well

Anonymous said...

oppppps show us the pic's is what I meant.

deni said...

People bowling? What will kids come up with next?


It was funny to watch though.


Monica said...

That You Tube was funny. The renovations are back in full-swing, huh? It'll be great when it's all done.

Life with kids is never dull, and teenagers...well, never boring...just crazy! And we wouldn't change a thing, would we?

August95 said...

Wow you are a busy bunch. The reno's look like they are coming along great.

Sharon said...

LOL I'm not gonna run out and take up people bowling, but the boys sure look like they're having a hoot!

Renos can be a long road, but it looks like yours will be wrapped up soon. How great that David was so involved in the process.

Fred said...

People Bowling? I thought I was up on all the new fads, but this one was new to me.

The house is looking good!

Barbara said...

People Bowling huh? That is a lot of testosterone flowing there!

ellen said...

Ahahahaha, people bowling. Oh, to be young and strong and be able to subject our bodies to such punishment!

Nice renovations; as a carpenter's daughter, I know all about the dust and mess, but what great rewards once the work is done.

Dick said...

You guys sure have been doing remodeling this year! It is looking good.

Kids do come up with new ideas and as long as no one gets hurt I don't think it is any problem.

I kind of hate to see summer end and the colder weather arrive but it is the natural way so it must happen. Spring & summer will come back in their own time.

John said...

All that work is fun huh?

It'll of course increase the home's value, cool.

I can't play the You Tube thingy on my dialup connection, I don't have three years to sit here!

You Tube is apparently going to become Google Tube? ;)