Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy Birthday

Today, I wish four special ladies a Happy Birthday.
October the 18th is the birthday of two sets of twins.
My baby sisters, Catherine and Sheila. Seen here on their Birthday last year. Catherine was preggers this time last year. Also in this shot is Heidi, who will also have a birthday this month, but thats another post! Oh, that is Sheilas' boy Jayden muscling in on the cheesiness! They are wearing the hat sets I gave them. By the way. thats not a real green hat, that would be cruel!

The other set of twins enjoying birthday wishes today is my Mom in Law Pat and her twin sister Valerie.

This is Aunt Valerie with my neice Natasha.
And this is Mom with Keiths Little Bro Micheal.

They are all very important to me and the rest of the family, and it is a gift from God, just having such kind and lovely people in my life. Pat and Valerie also have a younger set of twins in their family. I dont know how their mother coped with two sets of twins just a couple of years apart!
Today I went to Value Village and got some super deals. I picked up this awsome green chenille(SP?) bedcover for $5. It is in new condition. Its sooo retro that its back in style. I had a bed cover the same as this as a little girl in the late sixties! But that one was hot pink. I also picked up a couple of like new christmas tins, a christmas bear and a couple of teal velvet cushions to contrast the bed spread. And I found a cool retro towel holder. And a comfy chair. All for a steal. With all these goodies, I feel as though it was my birthday!


Bobbie said...

Wow...four birthdays in one day! That's a lot of birthday cake to eat.
Happy Birthday to Catherine, Sheila, Pat & Valerie.
I can always find something interesting to buy at Value Village. Looks like you found lots of good bargains.
I take it you're a Barenaked Ladies fan...not a real green dress, that's

Take care and enjoy the rainy weather.

Walker said...

Happy Birthday to your sisters and you MIL and her sister.
Family is always important and I know how important your is to you.

Got to love a sale

Have a nice day

Summer said...

Nice post about important people to you in your life to give them some recognition!! how nice of you. Happy Birthday to Catherine, Sheila, Pat and Valerie...enjoy!

Monica said...

Happy birthday to all four ladies! May they have a great year!

Value Village? We had one of those here when I was a young, haven't heard that phrase in years!

Cuppojoe said...

Happy Birthday to everyone!

My Grandma had a bedspread like that when I was younger (not that I'm making any age references here...) so that picture took me back to some very happy summer-time memories... Thanks!

(I noticed the Barenaked Ladies reference... Nice!)

Karen said...

Happy birthday to all! A very special day, indeed.

Ohhh, Kieth's brother is cute... is he single? ;-)

Fred said...

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Faye said...

Happy Birthday to Catherine, Sheila, Pat & Valerie!
I aways wanted twins! May aunt had seven children then she had two sets of twins about two years apart! I guess if I kept going after three I might have got my wish! But three were just enough, love them all.

David said...

Hope they all had a special day. And thanks so much for stopping by to check on me.

Tab said...

I have plans for next week to go to VV with a gal pal! Great stuff.

Meow said...

Ooooh, love the chenile bedspread ... I had a purple one when I was a kid, which used to by an Aunty's.
Happy birthday to all the birthday girls ... hope they had great days.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Take are, Meow

Herman Verbrugge said...

You have a nice Filmloop and I like your family pictures. Tell Kayla that we often think of her and give her our best wishes. Take my English for what it is :-)