Friday, October 13, 2006


Todays view from my front window tells me that Fall is well and truley here. As evidenced by the firey display of our maple.
It is still not completely turned. In another week or so , it will be really magnificent. And shortly after that begins the annual chore of raking all the dropped leaves. I love to gather up all the leaves, as long as I can get them up before the rain. Otherwise they are so heavy. When I look at the veining on a leaf it amazes me how miraculous life really is. The veins on this leaf look like there is actually blood flowing through them.
This time of year , we get some brilliant sunsets. This view from my back window of the Golden Ears was taken at supper time. The sun is setting south west of these mountains, but it casts its glow on the bare peaks.

Glad we are'nt back east. Headlines today show Ontario under its first snow of the season. Out here on the West Coast we have a not too quiet chuckle at them wrapped up in their woolies while we are still wearing our short sleeves. It gets chilly overnight, but still above freezing. But by mid morning we are warming up to the high 20s.
Cousin Eileen arrived safe and sound and has now gone on to stay with my folks in the Outhouse Capital of Canada. She is so sweet. It sure is nice to meet family. Apparently I met her when I was two and she was in her late teens. But I sure dont remember it. Funny how that bond was there right away. As soon as she saw me at the airport we had a big hug and that feeling of family love was there immediately.
I spoke with Kayla today. She seems to be in good spirits. She is hoping to be allowed up on Sunday. That will have been 3 weeks of bedrest!!! Yikes, I think I would be climbing the walls. She is feeling pretty good and has been able to plug away at her homework. She even told me about how she used one of the wards kitchens to made Potato Salad for her foods class. She had the recipie memorized and told me all about it. So I guess that means she got out of bed to do that! Hmmm, I wonder if the doctor knows about that? Maybe she bribed him with some of her yummy fixins!
Hope you all have a really good weekend.


Chana said...

the view from your windows is just spectacular. what a treat to wake up to that every day.

i understand exactly what you said about the instant connection you felt with your cousin. family and love is stronger than all the miles in between. how delighted i'm that you enjoyed her so.

how good is to hear news of Kayla doing better. poor girl, i would be miserable 3 wks in bed. now, if i had my own choice than i probably wouldn't care but if made to, well, i wouldn't have lasted one..she is a super girl..i do wish i could meet her and hug her.

those fluffy, white things that are sent from the heavens are on our way tonight and tomorrow to stay for a while i hear..i cannot make fun of the ex center of the world (i heard the new one is calgary, ha, they can have it back, it is crazy here) much as i enjoy having a good laugh at their expense, i sense i shouldn't for carma is about to come our way ;p

hope you have a good wknd. your dad is lovely and he is so proud of you and loves you so much, it melts my heart..i love family and i love seeing the love that family can have for each other..congratulations on yours.

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...


we are also having nice weather as usual for this time of year but waking to frost in the morning, also the leaves are turning colour and then we hope for a wind to blow them to our neighbours yard after they fall.

Summer said...

nice post and nice pictures...glad you had a good time with Eileen. happy to hear about Kayla's progress..hope all is well and enjoy the weekend!

Faye said...

Good morning Susan,
I have a maple tree out my bedroom window, it is in the mid changes of colour too. But I am no where near the mountains! If I drive 5 minutes away I get to see the ocean, but are magnificent sights that God has given us.
Glad Kayla is improving, some spunky gal to keep up with her studies.
Take care and have a great weekend.

Meow said...

Stunning photos, thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

ellen said...

I envy you your beautiful surroundings; I fear that if I had that view out my window, I would achieve nothing all day long. I'd just stare.

Hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery for Kayla.

Fred said...

What a view! I really miss a true change of seasons down here in Tampa. There are subtle changes, but nothing as dramatic and colorful as up north. It's a spectacular time of year.

sharon said...

Yeah, that is a pretty view. We've camped at Golden ears Park a couple of times. I really like it.

Best wishes to Kayla. Good for her for getting up and making her spud salad.

Bobbie said...

The fall colours are gorgeous, aren't they. In a month or so the Golden Ears will be topped with snow.

I'm glad Kayla is doing well and keeping up with her schoolwork. She must be looking forward to being up and about.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

deni said...

Those pics are beautiful!

I am glad you had a nice visit with your cousin, and so glad to hear an update on Kayla.

Monica said...

Beautiful fall colors. I'm glad Kayla is doing better. Hope all is going well for the rest of your family as well. :)

Walker said...

Sure rub it in.
The leaves here started turning last month and they are a site to see.
Thias is one of my favorite times of the year
Great pictures

Good news about Kayla.
She must be itching to get outside by now.

Tab said...

Did you take those photos?

Karen said...

Gorgeous colors - you probably know I love the photo with the mountains in the background the best.

I hope all is well there and prayers still going Kayla's way.