Saturday, October 07, 2006

Official Visit

UPDATE ON KAYLA: Kaylas bedrest should be over now. But there are some blisters forming on her incision area, which doesnt look very good right now. Its a downer for Kayla. But it is something that others going through this recovery have had to face and they had no lasting impact. So praying this is just a minor setback and that she will be able to resume Chemo shortly. Kaylas Mom Adrienne has been very good at keeping us up to date on all the most recent developments.

Last night was my daughter's girls group Jobs Daughters.
It was a special night for all the girls. Our top adult leaders (The Grands) for our province were coming to visit our Bethel.
The girls put on a Taco dinner. Each girl brought something to contribute to the meal. It was very tasty indeed.
After, the girls helped with the clean up then it was time to get ready for the meeting.

Here one of the girls with her mom, goof around in the kitchen.

The girls get changed into their Grecian robes and they run a formal business meeting. In their meetings, they decide how to raise funds, what fun things they will do and they all have memory work to perform. Heidi is the chaplain and has alot of memory work , which she did very well. The top girls wear the purple capes and crowns. The girl in the lavendar cloak is the top girl in all the province. She is part of the Official Visit entourage. The grands and she, travel to all the bethels in BC through out the term.

After the meeting, we went back downstairs for cake and tea. When it was time to go, one of our favorite adult leaders discovered that at some point in the evening, the girls had managed to sneak out and Toilet Paper his car. That was the highlight of the whole night. Of course he pretends to be ticked off, but in reality, there is nothing more flattering than getting your car TP'd by the Jobies. They only do it to their favorite adults.
Jobs Daughters is a wonderful organization. Girls and adults interacting with dignity and fun.


Summer said...

More prayers coming to Kayla..i hope she recovers soon! and your piece about the daughtres was nice..enjoy the weekend!

Gary said...

Much love to Kayla on her recovery.

I love that second picture. I think organizations like that are great for developing character.

Monica said...

One of the ladies asked me about Kayla just yesterday. We think she's quite awesome around here ourselves.

Job's Daughters does sound like a great organization. My daughter is at the age where it's all about being with her friends but we are having dinner at El Chico today, me, my mama, my daughter and my daughter's best friend.

Have a great weekend. :)

Bobbie said...

I hope that Kayla's blisters heal and she is able to resume chemo soon. She's such a strong girl to be able to endure all this.

Job's Daughter's is a great organization and it looks like they are really enjoying themselves.

Take care and have a great Thanksgiving with your family. We all have so much to be thankful for.

jel said...

thanks for the update on Kayla,
will be keeping her in my prayers!

thanks for the visit!

God bless

jel said...

cool pictures , they look like they are having fun!

deni said...

My prayers are still with Kayla!

Thanks for sharing the pics about the daughters. I bet they had fun with the TP. :)

Walker said...

I hope Kayla get hrough with this set back quickly and feel better.

They sound like a super bunch of young ladies to me.
I guess thats why they get the capes :)

Walker said...

OH, Happy Thanksgiving :)

Chana said...

I'm sorry that Kayla is having such a rough go. she is mighty strong and has the love of so many and that will get her through.

all the pics are great, the girls look beautiful.

I'm hoping that your beautiful family has a wonderful Thanksgiving. much love. hugs.

sharon said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Still pulling for Kayla. It's heart breaking that anyone should have to go through such a thing. Much less a girl of her age. I have a strong feeling that she's gonna come out smelling like a rose. All the best.

John said...

Glad Kayla is doing well, Susan. :)

Faye said...

Poor Kayla, I hope the blisters heal quickly, she has gone through so much and is so brave, an amazing young women!

Jobs Daughters sound like a wonderful group. I've never heard of them before. Are they affiliated with any one church, or just a great community minded group? I love the outfits they get to wear...looks like lots of fun.
Have a great day Susan.

Meow said...

Sending more best wishes Kayla's way. I hope she gets better soon.
Take care, Meow

ellen said...

Tell Kayla that I'm wishing and praying those nasty blisters away. Vitamin E cream might help, if she hasn't tried it already.

I think it's great for teenage girls to be involved in such a wholesome organization; cudos to your daughter and her friends.

- ellen

LZ Blogger said...

Looks like a FUN TIME! ~ jb///

Monica said...

Hi, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Just popping in to see how you, your wonderful family and Miss Kayla are doing. Take care.

zingtrial said...

Hi Hope you are keeping well and Kayla is doing fine.just checking.
Wish you well

August95 said...

Well Hello there.

Thanks for the update on Kayla. We will continue to send prayer for her.

Job's looks like a great way to get a leg up on life. Running meetings, helping in the community. Great :)

Curtis said...

Kayla will be fine. Sounds like a great organization those girls have. Lots of good clean fun.

Jen said...

Hi there! Am delurking to ask you for some of your magical prayers! 1 of the authors I read,, is in need of extra help...please pop in, & maybe, after your trials with Kayla, your words may help. Much strength to your family, may the healing begin in earnest, & be complete soon. Jen

Carol said...

Hello from a former Rainbow Girl and Majority member! Your post brought back tons of memories for me of meetings, ritual work, initiations and installation ceremonies, dinners, assembly visits, my state's Grand Assmebly in the summer, and on and on. It was lots of fun and I know Job Daughters is too! Unfortunately, all I have is memories and some of my Rainbow Girl things, as my former assembly no longer exists (lack of membership).

Sorry to hear about Kayla's obstacle, hoping everything clears up soon.

Fred said...

Thanks for the update on Kayla.

I've never heard of that organization. I wish there was one like that here. I think my daughters could learn quite a bit in a setting like that.