Thursday, October 26, 2006

Take a Lickin'


Try all you like, but if you give me a lickin, sure, I will keep on tickin. But I am also likely to clock you one over the head! Keith came up to me armed with the camera. I thought he was going to pose for a peck on the cheek, and this is what I got . YUCK!

Now it is a different story when our sweet little Binzen gives his warm little licky kisses. Those, I accept with pleasure.
I just finished my week. Made it through my cold. Not 100% yet, but at least I feel human again. We have a busy weekend planned. I am soo going to enjoy my three days off!


deni said...

Binzen is just soooo beautiful!!!

Chana said...

Warning: comment slighty different than usual and may be consider riskay.

a husband coming at you with a camera and an interest for a little play is a good thing ;p

as sweet as the kisses from Binzen are, i'm sure you can see how your husbands lickings are a bit more prone to lead to some good fun ;p

just saying that he could have done terribly worse if he really wanted to..he can't help himself, you are gorgeous, hot and fun..what is a man to do ;)

(glad that your wk is finished and you are feeling, do go and enjoy your days of)

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

Hey, less of that, keith...Get that basement finished and keep your hands off my daughter.

sharon said...

LOL He's sneeky.

Your Binzen looks just like my childhood dog, Kelly. Kind of tugged at my heartstrings a little to see this picture.

Dawn said...

Love the lickin' pic - and your Binzen is just gorgeous - looks very cuddle-able! Hope you do enjoy a restful weekend.

molly said...

You are lucky to be so loved!