Friday, October 27, 2006

In The Air Tonight

Cuppa joe had this meme to list his seven favorite songs of all time. I enjoyed his post so much, that I thought I may try and do something similar. But as I started working on it, I realized that this is a huge post, so I am going to break it up and post one song at a time. Do a bit of a series with it. So here goes..

Phil Collins ~ In the Air Tonight I heard this song in 1981, I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. The unreal sounds and the build up were and still are, stirring. I remember in Junior High, thinking. Rock and Roll can’t get any better than this. It was released at a very happy time in my life. I was 15 and had just started dating Keith, who you know as my lovely husband. I had great friends. I loved my school. It was a time of worry free youth. Taking one day at atime, and making the most of those carefree days. For some reason, it always brings back the memory of walking down Tyner Street, away from my junior high, headed into town. Debating with my friends about which song was the best ever written. This was my choice.

"Musically, it's an extraordinarily striking record, because almost nothing happens in it ... It's the drum sound in particular that's amazing. You don't hear it at all for the first two minutes of the song ... then there's that great doo-dom doo-dom doo-dom comes in, and the drums come in half way through the song, setting the template for all the Eighties drum songs after that" - Stuart Maconie [2]

I found the video for it on You Tube. I have never seen the video until I did this search, as I have never watched a lot of TV. I certainly don’t think it does the song justice.

Click this link to listen.
Hope you enjoy it and maybe stir up some memories of your own.


Cuppojoe said...

First off, let me say thanks for the kind words about my post. I'm glad you liked it!

Second... OMG! If my post had actually been about my favorite songs (it was really just ones that seemed to stir a memory), then In The Air Tonight would definitely have been there!

Did you know that Phil recorded and mixed this song entirely by himself? Every sound, every voice, is all Phil in his own private studio. Pretty cool, eh?

Chana said...

well, i can assure you he had his ego stroke by this

i looooveee this on my list too..

his voice is just so incredible and the soothing feeling i get from the sound...ahhh, love it..

can't wait for number 2..

and yeah, it took him forever, trust me, for it was a hard, long take your time..and have fun..

never forgetting about Kayla.

deni said...

Wow, memories abound.

Nights cruising with my boyfriend (ex-hubby) in his Monty Carlo, listening to great rock n roll, laughing and just being a kid.