Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Night Wind

Last night, while I slept alone in my bed. The wind picked up. I woke at some point in the night to the sound of raindrops pelting my window. Keith was working the night shift, so I had nobody to snuggle upto to keep warm. Even the dog had abandoned me for another bed. I love the noises of a storm. The sound of the wind in the trees is exciting. But I am already sick, in need of a good rest. I lay there enjoying the night music, but a thought kept creeping into my mind "I HAVE TO BE UP IN THREE HOURS". It took a while, but I finally drifted off to sleep. It was still dark when I left for work. When I got home later, I noticed a big change in our yard!

Yesterday, there were only a few leaves on the lawn. Today, you can barely see the lawn! There is more wind forcast for tonight, or so TAB tells me! So maybe by the weekend, we will be raking up the last of the leaves! Oh that reminds me.... I need to buy some of those big orange leaf bags that have jac o lantern faces on them!
The bird bath is now full of rain water. Most of the summer it had to be filled with the hose each day. This is good news for the birds! I hope they dont mind a few leaves in the bath! We are starting to see less of the robins and more of the Blue Jays. A sure sign that fall is truely here.
Tonight my wonderful hubby will be home. He is being a dear and taking care of dinner tonight. So you may wonder what sorts of culinary delights he is capable of? When Keith takes care of dinner.... that usually means take out. I dont mind, its a break from me having to cook. I love cooking, but I dont mind a break either.
So tonight I will be prepared to brave the storm, with a full tummy, and a warm hubby to share the bed. Oh if only the alarm clock would just dissapear, then I wouldnt have to leave my cozy nest so early in the morning!


Chana said...

oh what a nice post hon..i'm sorry no cuddling for you last night and that you were up so much..
i love that we are all different, diversity is good and we can all learn so much from each other..i can't handle a storm..it freaks the living daylights out of me..

i can't cook (don't tell anyone but i probably can very well but i dont' like to so it's better to say i can't ;p )..anyhoo, i can't cook so i do take out much..thank goodness the kids love to cook and bake (didn't get that from me i assure you ;) )

i'm glad that hubby is back tonight to do nice things like cuddles..and btw, that was an awesome, awesome comment..God Bless you girl..it meant the world to me..


i don't forget about Kayla..she is always in my mind..

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

food made for you, eh!

Cathy has food made for her all the time, usually frozen warm up or pizza.

Mom is off to Minisota in the morning so have to cook for myself or impose on Cathy and James(more warm ups)

Oh by the way, thats Stellas Jay

Bobbie said...

The leaves seem to be falling later this year so a good wind just helps them fall a little faster. E.K bought a leaf blower today so I'm actually looking forward to cleaning up the leaves this year.

Glad your hubby will be there to keep you warm tonight.

Take care and have a good Wednesday.

Faye said...

Our leaves that looked so nice a week ago are sparce on the trees too. I like the sound of the wind too when I'm all tucked inside. It's nicer though when you have someone to cuddle up to. Glad your hubby will be home tonight.

Monica said...

I haven't been so good at commenting much anywhere the last week or so. Take out? I could go for that!

So mentioning we had bbq ribs, potato salad and baked beans last night isn't necessary? :)

Have a great evening with your hubby!

You know...it's a good day today. :)

Tab said...

now don't take my word for the wind forecast..it changes but I do LOVE the leaves all over the yard like this...it is all part of the changing seasons.lol

deni said...

I like the bird bath pic, it's just so pretty.

I love listening to storms too, but I don't like listening to alarm clocks either!

Sharon said...

Most people seem to love a good storm at night. They say the steady sound is soothing. For me it's just noise that keeps me awake and, as you well know, it rains alot here.

Don't ya just hate doing the countdown to when you have to get up in the morning? The pressure of having little more time to sleep can sometimes prevent you from drifting off again! I'm glad you got some shut-eye. Hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Your yard looks lovely. (No raking leaves until you feel better!)


Yorkshire Soul said...

Isn't it horrible getting up for work in the dark, and then getting home again in the dark, and winter isn't even here yet.

John said...

Isn't it nice? I too enjoy the cold weather and the season changes, the wild weather. Have a nice week!