Thursday, October 05, 2006

Welcome Eileen

My Moms cousin is coming from Scotland on Saturday. I am going to the airport to meet her. I dont know what she looks like. She has my blog URL so I am putting this here for her benefit. So Eileen, if you read this, you will know to look for this sign! Heidi and I made this a couple of days ago and I have since realized that I miss-spelled your name. Thats just typical of me lately.
My sons girlfriend is called Sharon. It took me a couple of months to remember if she was actually Sharon or Shannon. I have also been spelling Sharon with two R's. Last night David had her over for her birthday/two month anniversary of them 'going out'. I picked up a cake and was proud to remember her name was Sharon as I had the lady in the cake shop put Happy Birthday Sharron (with two R's) on the cake. I got her a card and unwittingly wrote Shannon in the card, sealed the envelope and wrote Sharron on the envelope. She got her card and politely thanked me for it.
We had ordered in chinese food and ate that up. Later I brought out the lovely pink strawberry mousse birthday cake, with a pink candle in the middle. When I set it in front of her. She and David burst out laughing. "What?" I asked.
Thats when they pointed out the incorrect spelling of Sharons name on the cake and showed me the card with two wrong names on it!
I think someone should make me a poster that says "SUSAN, Welcome to Alzhiemers!"


Barbara said...

You are a sweetheart for getting her a cake and a card. I am sure she doesn't mind. :)

Barbara said...

Me again.
My mother-in law once gave a birthday card to my father-in-law and it said...

To Al

Happy Birthday

Love Al


OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

Nice poster, I will email eileen(Lee)and tell to look at your blog

Thanks alot, I know you are busy


mom said...

Thanks for the great poster, Eileen will love it, I'm sure she will be glad to see it.

I was at a friend's wedding when I was much younger, the bride's mother warmly welcomed John into the family. She couldn't understand why every one laughed, until someone reminded her that her new son in law's name was Frank!!!

Eileen is lucky to have you meet her, let her know that you are one of the more 'normal' members of thr family, so it won't be such a shock when she meets the rest of us!

See you Sunday. mom

Barb said...

Awwwwwww....that's ok. I forget stuff all the time. That's very sweet of you to make that sign :)

jel said...

hope you have a great visit!

Summer said...

cute sign and very funny story about your son's girlfriend ShaRRon!! enjoy Eileen's visit!

Deanna said...

Youu rrock Sussan!!

Good to knoww tthat othher peoplle arre outt there like meee!!

The only thing you can do is laugh about it!

Monica said...

You know, she sounds like a sweet girl. Glad you all had a good time. Have fun with your aunt's visit.

How is Kayla doing? Tell her we said hi. :)

Dick said...

You have a good visit with the relatives. It sounds like fun. Has she been here before or is this her first time?

sharon said...

Oh well, what are ya gonna do? You just have to laugh about these things. When you have a name like 'Sharon' people tend to call you Cheryl, Shannon, Sherri, etc...It's just one of those things.

ellen said...

Don't sweat it, Suzanne; I've been called worse....


Chana said...

ohhh, that is nothing should see the whoppers i make daily..
all those variations of her name makes for a funny story though..don't worry about it..we all do those sort of things.

hoping your aunt? gets to you safe. have a great time visiting. you are an awesome hostess so i know she will be in heaven.

hope Kayla is doing well. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours my sweet.

Fred said...

I'm so there myself. I can't remember my kids' friends names for the life of me.