Friday, September 01, 2006

Snaps and Strokes

The water in this photo is running so fast that it blurs. It almost looks like a painting. Did you ever see a picture hanging somewhere that caught your eye? You go a little closer and wonder is that a painting or a photo? There are some excellent artists here locally in Maple Ridge. Our little art shop in the mall, features many of our local talent. I have never bought anything there as its pricey and I dont have any more room for pictures. But I like to go in there and browse. They sell both paintings and photographs. I have often dreamed of how nice it would be to be able to make a living at what you love to do for fun. Its not all fun though. Once the art is done, it needs mounting, framing or wrapping . You need to have a venue willing to flog your wares. Some of the best work I have seen is at market stalls, where your neighbour might be selling hemp products, Natural soap, wooden childrens toys, or ceramics. Then the items all need packing to and from the sales. Setting up and displaying nicely. Then you have to sit there all day having people tell you how much they like it, but not actually pull their wallets out. Hense the term starving artist. Its actually alot of work. Once you make your first million, I guess you could let your reputation do all the work. Or hire someone else to do the grunt work!
I havent painted since high school. It was something I really enjoyed doing.
With all the talk of prayers this last week, I thought I would post this painting, Woman in Prayer. Its one of my favorites. The colours are warm and earthy, The light is soft. And the mood is reverent. When I saw this lady in National*Geographic, I was 16. Something about this woman in this room touched me. I wished I could be in that room to see if I could feel God there.
I certainly felt Him this past week!


mom said...

hi Susan, nice blog and lovely pictures. I really think you have a wonderful talent with both camera and words. If you have the time, I think you would do well to submit your work to the local newspaper. A weekly column with pictures, would be a wonderful addition to a local paper.

You could probably find a good outlet for your work with a publisher, if you only had time to persue it. Once the kids are entirely off your hands, it may be something to look into.

I know what you mean about feeling God in this picture, but I find I can feel Him almost anywhere peaceful. In the garden is my favourite spot, or walking amongst the trees by the river, I truly believe that He is with us whenever we find the time to find a peaceful spot and talk to him. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our busy lives that we forget to listen for his voice on the wind, but He is always just a whisper away.

This week, I think we have all spoken to God more often as we ask for his blessing upon Kayla. However, I think from Kayla's attitude, that she already walks closely to Him. Let us pray that she has the fortitude to get through the next few difficult months. She is going to need a lot of encouragement to do her therapy and build up her strength to handle a prosthesis.

Dad has a new opportunity to post his 'outhouse' pictures and a new audience to hear his polictical theories, now that he has started blogging.


Anonymous said...

MY first and second ex's were artists and you are right it is alot of work after you are done.
My mother in law and father in law were artists to and they used to paint icons for churches and did the fancy wood frames by hand.
It took up to a year to fionish a 4x6 foot painting for a catherdral.

FYI I have to post as annonymous because your blog doesn't like my name is seems LOL


zingtrial said...

Hi, This is really beautiful,Thanks for sharing I do agree with Mom try what she says sound advice
wish you well :) .

Tammy said...

Hi there:
Saw your comment on Dawn's site and wanted to add my good wishes for Kayla - with all the love around her and around the world I know she will be ok. I have added her to my prayers.

Curtis said...

Wonderful blog, I really enjoyed reading it. Strange how this blog and my last one about leaves both mention God and how your mom says she can feel God when in a quiet place the same as I mentioned it in mine.

Karen said...

The river photo is gorgeous, such lovely colors and the flow of the water. I just posted several to my Flickr over the weekend and some on my blog today. I love rivers...