Thursday, August 31, 2006

Up tomorrow

Kayla is doing very well.

Thankyou everybody for your support. Our prayers were heard. She got safely through surgery and recovery. She is now back in her room on the oncology ward.

On top of that, Keith called us this evening, with more good news!

When Kayla went in for surgery, She wasnt sure how much of her leg the surgeons would be able to save. She is glad that they were able to use the prefered tecnique called Van Nes Rotationplasty, which leaves a good basis for a prosthesis. That means she will have the greatest mobility possible. She still has alot of rough days ahead, but with her determination and alot of hard work she will be able to do so many things. She is tired and in some pain, but seems pleased with how things went. Tommorrow they plan on getting her up out of bed to try standing. I forget to ask if she will be useing crutches or a walker. She has to learn to balance herself properly. She has apparently already looked at her leg, some people take much longer to psych them selves up to view the results of the surgery. When family went in, she asked them if they wanted to see too! That says alot to me about how well she is going to cope.

Sorry I havent been around to visit much , but I have spent the past couple of evenings at my MotherinLaws along with, all the neices and nephews, their great aunt and my Sister in Law. Tonight was our last night together as Kaylas Brothers and sister fly home tommorrow. They will be accompanied by Great Aunt, who will stay for several days with Kaylas Dad. So even though Keith and his entourage will be coming home tommorrow, Kayla will still have some extra company for a while. And i will fly out there a while after that.
I think I have read all your marvelous comments and emails, you guys have been so generous with your caring and warmth. I dont have time to comment on your sites or answer emails just yet, but please know how extreamly touched and greatful I am. I gave Great Aunt a large manilla envelope tonight for her to give Kayla. It has this weeks posts and comments in it. I know that will mean so much to her. To know that there are people who dont even know her, that are genuinley concerned. Thanks again.

These photos were taken 21 years ago. Today is our anniversary.

Dont mind me I cry easy. This is my favourite wedding photo. Me with my Mum and Sister Carol, were caught in this shot by my aunt out side the church. Weddings are my weakness. So you can imagine at our wedding how badly I bawled. As I was saying my vows i started crying. When I cry, my sinuses kick in and then my nose starts crying too! As the minister asked everyone to bow their heads in prayer, he handed me a big huge hanky!

Happy Anniversary Keith. Twenty one kisses are waiting for you when you get back here!


Herman Verbrugge said...

What a tremendously strong character that girl has. Spiritually so strong. Admirable. And with this attitude she will survive. Give Kayla my best whishes.

jel said...

this is great to hear about Kayla, She is a surviver,
thank you for the update,

and happy Anniversary!

God Bless you all


Faye said...

That's great news about Karla!

I hope you were able to relax enough to enjoy your anniversary. Happy Anniversary Susan!

I am still keeping Karla in my prayers, she still has a long way to go, she has great spirit which will help.

carol said...

Happy Anniversary Susan and Keith.
LOVE Carol xoxoxoxoxo

Monica said...

Happy Anniversary, Susan. Even more so now with Kayla making it through so well and the added good news about her mobility.

I hope you and Keith can spend some special time together soon. Take care and have a great weekend, friend.

Chana said...

What a beautiful bride! what a wonderful couple! Happy, Happy Anniversairy to both of you!
May God grant you many more decades of life together...

i'm glad to hear about Kayla. she is a fighter obviously and that is exactly what she needs to be. she will be alright we hope and pray.
i'm glad that you have had the kids over, they will go back home with amazing memories that will bring such joy and life to such a stressful situation. your whole family sounds so close and that is such a gift. i'm glad that there will be always a hand, hugs and much support to go around.

love, hugs to you both.

don't worry about other blogs. we all understand. we rather you do the family thing. you do a great job and that inspires us all. take care.

deni said...

Happy Anniversary, Susan and Keith!!

I am so happy about Kayla, she is an awesome young woman, and our prayers have surely been answered.

God is good.

I will continue to pray for her as she recovers.

Ms. Vickie said...

We know the anniversary is made more special now knowing Kayla is more stable and on a road to recovery.

What a special couple you and Keith have always made and continue to make, thank you for sharing the pictures. I hope you will be able to find sometime soon to enjoy some very special time for the two of you as you make a very special couple.

Forget blogs we understand. Our prayers continue for Kayla and all involved.

David said...

Hope you had a wonderful anniversary. Good news on Kayla all around. What a great spirit she has.

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

Everyone here in Oliver will be pleased to hear the news about kayla and wish her well in her recovery, she is always welcome to visit here as well.

Happy anny


ellen said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Keith. I know this day is bittersweet, as your wedded bliss is intermingled with concern for Kayla; but if anyone will handle her trials with strength and grace, it's your niece.

People ask me all the time, why do bad things happen to such good people? My best answer is, because they have the fortitude and the faith to show the rest of us how to do it right. Doesn't seem fair to them, I know, but it seems that good people are often given the hardest tests. Ever since I first learned of Kayla's fight against cancer, she has been in my thoughts and prayers; and her spirit and determination are very inspiring to me. She and other good people who have been handed this terrible challenge, give me the strength to fight my hardest.

Bobbie said...

Happy 21st Anniversary Susan and Keith! Hope you do something special when he comes home. The wedding pictures are great, especially the candid shot of you, Carol and your mom.

I'm glad Kayla is doing so well and will be able to get a prosthesis. She has a wonderful attitude and has faced the cancer head on. A remarkable girl!!

Take care and have an enjoyable long weekend with your hubby.

sharon said...

Happy Anniversary, Susan.
That's pretty cool that Kayla is so gutsy to look at her leg so soon. She's a real trooper.

Dick said...

Good news regarding Kayla. Our prayers will continue for her healing.

Twenty one years is a good start! Keep up the momentum and before you even realize it you will hit fifty years. Time goes very fast, quicker the older we get.

Annie said...

What a girl! You go Kayla! I'm pleased that the outcome was good so that she wil be able to get about more. Happy anniversary to you and Keith.
P.S. Not important for now, but I have a new blog address

patti_cake said...

I am sitting here with a big smile on my face in awe of this strong,brave young lady. Kayla you are such an inspiration to many. You may have some tough days ahead of you but what you have done thus far is so admirable. You will prevail!

patti_cake said...

and Happy Anniversary to you and Keith. Wow 21 years (i'm going on 12). Blogger was giving me a hard time for a moment.

Carol said...

Happy anniversary to you both. It's great to go through life with a friend. Great news about Kayla, she sounds like a free spirit, a real fighter.
Wishing all the best for her in the coming days.

Brian said...

That Kayla is something else, isn't she? I'm in awe.

Love the wedding pics!

lime said...

wow, kayla sounds like she has exactly the spunk she will need to make the best possible recovery. you go girl!

and happy anniversary

Clinker said...

Sending you very happy anniversary wishes. The photo of you and your sister and Mom is just so lovely and real.

I am so relieved to hear that Kayla's surgery went well. Such a courageous young woman. My prayers for her will continue.

Anonymous said...

Its good to hear Kayla is does well and I am not surprised she looked at her leg just as I won't besurprised when you tell us she is walking around un record time.

Happy Anniverasy Susan and Keith


poet said...

miss a day or two and i miss so much. i am sending congratulations to you and your husband for your anniversary. as well, all the best to kayla as she continues to inspire. have a good and safe holiday weekend. poet