Monday, September 04, 2006

Ode to the fllp flop

Update on Kayla: She is really doing great. She is now getting up into a wheel chair. I recieved an email from her yesterday. It was the same one she sent to her whole mailing list, expressing her appreciation for all the support and love. She has to go out to the lounge to use the computers. Her brothers and sister, went in for a visit. They were just so happy to see her. I have tried to phone a couple of times but its either busy or the nurse says she is resting. Hopefully tommorrow I will get her.

~ ~Flip Flops for Teresa~ ~

Feel the air upon your toes.

Summer is here. Shed that panty hose!

Slip into these thongs of rubber,

Feet, be freed from shoes of leather.

Brightly colored soles and straps,

As you walk along the street do clap.

Oh joyful sound of summer stops,

When you stand still in your flip-flops!

I wrote this for The gal I sent flipflops to. Monica invited me to take part in a flip flop exchange. I wrote this to send in the mail with the flip flops, but my printer was giving me grief so I am posting it here today. Go sat Hi to Teresa. See if she got my parcel yet!
I just finished 5 long hard days at work, I am so ready for this next two days off! My Mum and Dad are here for a short visit, so we will do something nice tommorrow.
Off to bed for me now.


jel said...

glad to hear that Kayla, is doing well! :) thanks for the update.

hope you have a great time with your mom and dad!

take care
God bless

Sally said...

Thanks so much on the update about precious Kayla. I pray for her constantly.

Ms. Vickie said...

Great news about Kayla---There will be no stopping that one. She is on her way.
Hope you have a great week , all remain in my thoughts and prayers. :)

Chana said...

Kayla is coming along wonderfully. very happy to know this. i hope you get to talk to her soon.

may you rest up after such long hours working.

love my thongs, what i call them to the embarrassement of my eldest son, lol.

Dick said...

Thanks for the update on Kayla. It does sound like she is on a good track to get back to normal. Any idea yet when she can go home?

Chana, I think there is now a new meaning for the word thong as clothing, although I also remember when flip-flops were called thongs.

Meow said...

I am so glad Kayla is doing so well.
Hope you have a wonderful wek.
Take care, Meow

Monica said...

Glad to hear how well Kayla is doing. There is a girl here who's around 20-23 or so and she's been in an accident. She has two artificial legs at the knee and a forearm. My mom sees her at bingo sometimes and she was there the other night when I went. She made me immediately think of what Kayla must be like with that spirit you've talked about.

When I got the flip flop thing from Teresa, I almost didn't do it but I have a teenage girl who LOVES flip I put her size in as mine. Hmm, I wonder if I can get away with declaring them her Christmas present? No, Probably not.

patti_cake said...

Glad to hear positive news about Kayla. I hope it continues :)
I heart my rainbow flip flops. I've never wore fli flops as much as I wear those. Love the poem!

Karen said...

I'm so glad Kayla is getting into a wheel chair, prayers are answered and she's amazing.

*HUGS* I hope you had a nice weekend!

Miss Cellania said...

Its good to hear Kayla is getting out of her room!

The flip flop exchange reminds me of a kinky blog I ran across, celebrating men in flip-flops, with lots of photos. It was definitely geared toward a fetish thing. Ewww!

Summer said...

I am glad to read about Kayla...i had a feeling that she is strong willed and will be fine soon.
thanks for the updates!

molly said...

I'm glad Kayla's improving. And loved the flip-flop poem.

Bobbie said...

I'm so glad that Kayla is doing great. I hope her recovery continues to go well. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Hope you had a good visit with your Mom and Dad.

Take care and have a good Wednesday!

EMOB said...

Happy to hear about Kayla!!! HUGS

Monica said...

Hi, Susan, just peeking in again to check on Kayla. :) And how's the anniversary couple doing? :)

LZ Blogger said...

If I had a dollar for every pair of flip flops... well you know? ~ jb///

Kathy said...

Kayla truly does have the heart of a warrior.

Continuing to pray for her and her family.