Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mount Robson Park

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And now, we continue with your regular scheduled post....

Nestled up in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia is Mount Robson Park. The parks namesake peak is the highest in the Canadian Rockies at 3954 metres.

Our son Davids' 6'5" frame is dwarved by Mount Robson. This was taken in the second week of August on our way home from visiting our niece, Kayla.The enormity of this mountain can't be captured in a photo. When you stand looking up at it, the view is absolutely breathtaking. Even David thought so, and not much impresses him.

"On every side the snowy heads of mighty hills crowded round, whilst, immediately behind us, a giant among giants, and immeasurably supreme, rose Robson's Peak" ( Milton and Cheadle, 1865) Lord Milton and Cheadle published jointly several accounts of their journey, but The North-West Passage by Land was the most successful.
The striations of different layers of rock, visible to the naked eye, show the passage of time. Each horizontal strip of sediment indicating its own specific time in evolution. Every time you touch a rock, do you think about how many millions of years old it is? Here, Heidi and Andrew seem to be contemplating that very thing!!!
Mount Robson looms over other mountains and lakes. This lake, I believe, was on the east side of the mountain. It was such a beautiful aqua color. So clean and clear. I wish we had time
to stop and dip our toes into it. I bet it was icey cold!
This picture was taken just last week, also at mount Robson. This is Keith with his Sister in Law, Angela and her children. They took this on their way home from visiting Kayla. They were lucky enough to get there on a day free of any clouds, so got an awsome view of the Mountain

It seems that we are always just passing through. One day I would love to have time to explore this area a bit more leisurely. Who knows, maybe next year!

Thanks for joining us.


Karen said...

Wow, the mountains are gorgeous! I'm thinking I may need to come up one day!

Still keeping sweet Kayla in my prayers.

Monica said...

Beautiful area! Tempts me to pack my bags, Susan!

You have a great looking family. :)

Bobbie said...

I also signed up for the new Beta and since I did, I haven't been able to figure out how to change my template without losing everything. And they call it

Mount Robson is quite impressive to see, as are all the Rocky Mountains around Jasper and Banff. Your pics are great and glad the kids enjoyed the view.

Hope your week is going well. Take care.

P.S. I had a biopsy done and it determined it was lupus.

Dick said...

Our area of the planet is indeed beautiful & your photos show that well. Maybe you need an RV to get up near the mountain & explore the area?

jel said...

Awesome pictures,
thanks for sharing these!

take care!

ellen said...

Great photos. I think it's wonderful that at such a tumultuous time, with all the concerns about Kayla's condition, you and your family were able to find serenity in God's artistry on the way home. Continued prayers for Kayla.

- ellen

Trée said...

Excellent photos. I do miss the peace of the mountains. Thanks for taking me back. Thoughts and prayers for Kayla too.

Summer said...

very nice views!! i had no idea about the geography of Canada..i should visit there sometime.
Thanks for the tip about the blogpost site. i was tempted to switch to beta version but i was afraid to lose any of my templets and posts so i decided to keep posting on the old blogspot..i hope you get your comments back and you get to comment on others blogs too soon.

Walker said...

I live on the wrong side of the country.
Beautiful pictures.

As for commenting with the new beta I have found that if you choose other then add your name and URL it works. :)

40spoet said...

i really have to get my camera outside, get some pix of our neck of the woods. your side of the country is so beautiful.
i have a blogger beta too. (big surprise, eh?) i like it pretty well. now that i have my google account set up like i want. so here is posting as one in the same. happy thursday, susan. and i am glad to hear that kayla is doing so well. she is such an inspirational young lady. i wish her nothing but good results from here on out. send my best to her, please. poet.

patti_cake said...

You definitely need to take the time to stop,explore and dip your toes! Beautiful!

sharon said...

We do live in a beautiful province, don't we Susan. I never get tired of the fact that I can look through my mom and dad's kitchen window and see mountains, so close you can see the individuall trees on them on a clear day.