Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Saunter

This morning we went down to the downtown Haney Wharf on the riverfront. We parked in town, took our tea and muffins.

What a sexy beast!

From the wharf we saw a few squatters' boats moored. The wooden boat was interesting as it was flying a Jolly Rodger. The catamaran was being guarded by a brown pitbull on the roof.
This is an old, old part of town. The tiny white building used to be a post office. Here Keith and Heidi sit under the Wharf Beam structure. It's not that old but I guess was built to suit the area, I love it, it makes for great photo ops.

Here Heidi and Keith are crossing ABBEY ROAD (otherwise known as River Road)
. On the right are old turn of the century buildings that are now a pub and liqour store. To get to the wharf, you have to go through a tunnel which goes under a road. The north face of it is painted with a mural depicting the native fishermen and the settlers. You can click on any of these pictures to enlarge them.
This afternoon, I work my last of six shifts. then I get two days off. So Tommorrow, we are taking a picnic and heading to Vancouver to the seaside. I can't wait! Thanks for joining us today.


Walker said...

Nice pictures and it looks like a beautiful day for an outing.

deni said...

Very nice, enjoyed the tour. :)

Gary said...

I love scenes like that.

Ms. Vickie said...

Thanks for allowing me to walk along with you, I enjoyed myself. You have a great eye with your camera and I love the way you share with us.

Bobbie said...

It's great to go down to the wharf just to sit. I'm not sure what night it is but they have free music concerts down there. You take your chair,listen to good music and enjoy the great view.
Thanks for sharing the picture. Now you've inspired me to pay a visit there.

Take care and enjoy your days off.

Dick said...

I like your photo tour. Where are you changing the size of your photos? Maybe I should click on one & that might tell me. Do you use Blogger software to upload & manage your blog photos?

Yorkshire Soul said...

Re:Sexy beast.

Good Lord, How did you get that photo of me ?

chosha said...

I love that the 'sexy beast' comment followed a sedate little remark about tea and muffins. Seems cuter that way, like you had secret plans for later in your head, haha. :)