Monday, July 03, 2006


A splash of summer !!!!

What could be more sunny than this Gerber Daisy? Doesnt it make you want to be a fat bumble bee!

Most Canadians will be off work today for the Canada day stat. I am soooo glad to be one of them.


deni said...

Beautiful pic, I just love flowers.

Hope you had a wonderful Canada Day!!

Monica said...

Happy Canada Day (I know, it was Saturday, right?) and have a great week...Kayla is still on our prayer lists...hope all is well with everyone there.

John said...

Happy Canada day! Glad that Canada is my neighbor. :)

Brian said...

Hope you had a wonderful Canada Day!

Dick said...

It is neat that our two holidays are so close together. I am on vacation all the time now since I'm retired but today is the first work day for my brother to be retired. He isn't used to the feeling yet.

That is a great macro photo!

40spoet said...

great picture. if only to be a bee.

hope you had a good holiday weekend. we did. back to work tomorrow, on the USA holiday. and we will be busy with callers wanted to extend their rentals, or still hoping for a vehicle to rent. i love my job really.

take care!