Monday, June 26, 2006

June Celebration

On Saturday, we had a great time. It was sunny with record breaking heat .Perfect for our plans. It seems like every time we have a pool party, it rains! So we were off to a good start with the weather.

We had a garden party to celebrate our eldest son's Grad and also four June birthdays and Fathers Day. We had 30 people here for a barbeque and swimming. Mostly family and a few friends. My parents came down from the Okanagan for an overnight stay, it really was nice having them here. The only ones missing were my sister Catherine and her lil family who also live in the Okie but weren't able to leave the business.I did the usual frozen burgers, yes! Very gourmet, but dress em up with BBQ sauce and all the fixins and you make folks happy. I outdid myself, didn't even burn them! Vegetarian mushroom burgers and of course hot dogs for the dicerning folks and also a big salmon. Here I am with the combination cake, decorated with grad hats and balloons! Very unique I tell you. Please don't ask me were I got my outfit from, its a custom job, one of a kind. You will notice that my younger son (the tallest here) Is sweltering away in jeans, way too cool for shorts this fella! I cant believe the whole cake got eaten, there was also a huge cheesecake and strawberries. All that swimming built up everyone's appetites.Here my Mother in Law jokes around with one of the family's Korean Students. There is Carol with the umbrella sticking out of her head, looks painful but doesn't seem to be bothering her! Standing on the right is my other sister Sheila with her son. She tried copying my poolside ensemble, but I don't think she quite pulls off the same elegance as myself in the towel wrap department! LOL

These little darlings are my nieces. My Brother in law Mike's daughters. They are riding on the giant inflatable Orca that one of Carols kids got for their birthday.

As you can see in the picture above, even the dog went for a dip. He enjoys a crowd and worked the crowd for those forbidden leftovers. There wasn't a crumb left on the ground at the end of the day! He even offered to clean off paper plates which were left in reach.

The teens of course found a corner away from the rest of the crowd, where they could discuss global warming and plan how they are going to change the world when they take over! It is always nice to have an excuse to have a bunch of people over. Everyone had fun. I topped off the night by going to work at 11 for a night shift.

Today it is sunny again, and I am off work. So I am going to relax and be a lazy bum for most of the day. I work for six days in a row starting Tuesday, So I really wouldn't mind if it cools down a little for then.

Thanks for dropping by.


Bobbie said...

Great pics Susan! Looks like a good time was had by all.

We better not complain about the hot weather or else the weather gods will send back the rain!!

Take care and enjoy your day off.

Dick said...

The outdoor party looks like a real success & the weather did cooperate. I agree with bobbie that if we complain we might jinx the rest of the summer & return to rain & cold. Not good.

Ms. Vickie said...

You have the eye for pictures, I have just caught up with the post here. You hae a family to be proud of. Your post reflect your love and of course you show that you are proud of them.
My heart is so heavy for your niece and she remains very much in my prayers. I know this is difficult that you can not be closer but your thoughts, your love is felt.

Take care and I will try not to be a stranger---and thanks for the link :)

deni said...

Sounds like a wonderful time.

Being a huge Springer fan, I love the pic of the dog!

John said...

That party looks like a blast! Congrats to the grad fom Michigan. :)

Fred said...

What a great party! Thanks for including the pictures, it looks like everyone was having fun. Too bad you had to go to work, it probably would have been nice to get a good night's rest after all that excitement.

Hope you enjoyed the day off today!

ellen said...

Looks like tons of summer fun. I bet you were one tired cookie by the end of your shift.

Gary said...

Nice pictures. Hey, you really know how to throw a party. :)

Curtis said...

WOW that was a great post and nice pictures. What a great time had by all. Life is just so much fun sometimes. Have a great week.

Walker said...

It looks like everyone is having a blast. I am off to something like today and I hope its as good as yours was.
Happy Canada Day :)

40spoet said...

been lurking about. i enjoyed reading this post. what great pictures, too.
happy canada day!