Monday, July 24, 2006

Macro Monday

Here are a few close ups of things in my back yard.

This is a hosta flower.

These shots are of a spiderweb. One is glistening with beads of water after I hosed the garden it caught my eye as the light hit it. The spider is sucking dry a fly. I am pleased with the clarity of this one, the hairs on the spiders legs are easily seen here.

Now if you thought the spider was scary, wait until you see the next shot. A warning for sensitive viewers. The following picture may offend.

Dont say I didn't warn you.

Not unlike the hairs on the spiders legs, the hair on this specimen is quite apparent.

Let me set the record straight right now.

This is NOT a self portrait!!!!!

Any guesses to who the subject is?

First one to guess right gets an 8x10 glossy mailed to them!


Boy are you ever brave!!!

Are you still here?


Ok here goes.......

So ? Nice clear shot eh?


Walker said...

Nice pictures
I like tyhe one with the spider web it looks like its made of glass.
Hmmm that last one looks like a space ship LOL

Fred said...

Heckuva spider!

I'll take a wild guess and say that last picture is NOT you.

Deanna said...

I will be the first one to say, but certainly not the only one to think it: YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!

sort of kind of.....

Bobbie said...

Love the pics of the spider and the webs.

I'm gonna guess that the last pic is of Binzen's belly area.

Glad the weather has cooled down to 'tolerable'. Take care and have a good week.

John said...

Great pics! But spiders just creep me out! The nip shot is... fortunatly not you! Looks as though you'd better enable your comment-spam protection, the first comment isn't one you want, and a sign of what may be to come.

My site gets about 5-15 attempted comment spams every day, but they fail becuase I use the que mode. These people are idiots, and they will have your comments section spammed to death soon I'll bet. Hope not. Have a nice week! ;)

Simply Coll said...

hehehe.. great shots. I must say, my favourite is the first one of the spiders web.

Yorkshire Soul said...

Urgh, hairy man nipples.

David said...

Great pictures EXCEPT for the last one LOL.

Stopping by to say hi and that I will be back full time in about a week. Hope you are doing well.

Rain said...

The spider is so proficient that it seems to have completed courses in structural engineering, chemistry, architecture, and information science.The extradinary complexity of a simple, tiny spider, and the extraordinary work of art that it weaves in its web. Truly a wonder of nature's design!
Great photos!
I came here via Brians site!

Rain said...

Oops! Sorry that is extraordinary! Seems I can't spell today. =D

Dick said...

Nice macros. Even the last one is a good example of close up photography. Are you using a tripod or hand holding the camera for these?

chosha said...

I guess at the subject, but then you might mail an 8x10 to me and I don't think I'm ready for that. O_O