Monday, July 24, 2006


Blogger photo upload is acting up so I will post photos in a seprate post.
Its been a great weekend. It has been so hot hereall weekend. We have spent any spare time we had lounging by the pool. Days like these make all the work involved in pool maintenance worth while.
We had carpet cleaners booked for Saturday morning at 8 am. So we set our alarms for 6 am so we could lift all the small furniture onto the beds and do a thorough vacuuming. Well, they didnt show up. Keith phoned them and they said we had the date wrong. They had us down for Sunday. Keith said No you told us Saturday and we put it on the calendar. She insited it was our mistake but said she would arrange for another guy to come out but it wouldn't be until 3pm. OK, well that was better than waiting till Sunday as we didnt feel like moving all that stuff again. When the guy got there he let it slip that the first fellow had been double booked. That burns me! I dont care that they got double booked. But geeze! Just admit it, dont tell me I screwed the date up. Idiots! Then to top that. He said, too bad they didnt call me sooner coz I was out this way this morning, I could have come by then. So first they lie about their screw up for the date. Then they dont even get the replacement man out till 3, when he was wide open all morning! What a way to run a business. We all screw up sometimes. But have some integrity and own up to it. Dont try to tell your customer that it was their mix up! As it was, the man did a great job cleaning the carpets, so thats all good at least. But we were supposed to be at a bithday party at 5. It was apparent that he wasnt going to be done in time. So I sent them off without me and I joined them later once Mr Orange Carpet Man left.
Sunday we had a lazy day. We went to a friends for a Pool party and Barbeque. Perfect way to spend a summer day/ While we were there I met a lady who works at the same place I do. So we will keep our eyes open for each other. She has worked there for 32 years! Ill bet shes way up there on the seniority list!
There was one mar on our wonderful weekend; news about Kayla, our neice with bone cancer. Currently Keiths Mom, Aunt and Sister Donna are out in Edmonton to visit her. Donna called us last night to tell us they had an early birthday celebration for Kayla in the hospital. They have discovered she has two blood clots. One in her leg and one in her lung. They have to operate on these clots before she can have her amputation done in two weeks. Its an awful feeling to be here enjoying ourselves when a little girl we love is stuck in the hospital facing so much! I trust that she is in the best place for her treatment and that all the prayers and caring thought being directed to her help somehow.
Thanks for joining us.


Dick said...

Your experience with the carpet cleaners is enough to push me into just renting the stuff from the supermarket & doing it myself.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. The poem is wonderful. My thanks to you and Emily for posting it so I could find it.

Kaylie sure has had more than her fair share of problems to deal with. She must have a fantastic constitution to keep fighting all these challenges. My prayers are with her.

Monica said...

Bless her heart. I find myself looking for news of her whenever I come here.

She stays on our prayer list and I've told the women here about her. Many prayers are going around for her.

Bobbie said...

My thoughts are with Kayla. It breaks my heart that someone so young has to go through so much. I hope all goes well for her.

Take care and have a good week. I sure hope it cools down soon...I need a good night's sleep!

mom said...

Poor Kayla, it just seems like one thing after another, our thoughts and prayers are with her during this awful time of her life.

Are you going to be able to get out to visit with her and the family, I'm sure she would love to visit with Heidi.

Walker said...

I have my own steam cleaning equipment still from when I had the cleaning company but I have had experience with people saying the came to the house and I wasn't home whem I was.

My thoughts are with your niece and know sll will be well.

Simply Coll said...

Sending prayers for Kayla.

And I am most envious of your pool.